10 Reasons To Start A Meal Plan

10 Reasons To Start A Meal Plan

Oh Winter, we love you. With your moody mornings and crisp, cool air, you offer us the best excuses to hibernate, watch a full Netflix show in a day, and devour steaming comfort food. It’s a wonderful time of year until the sun starts to creep through the clouds, you start shedding layers of coats, and then realise you probably shouldn’t have eaten so much sticky date pudding for dessert ­– every night. 

Customised Youfoodz Meal Plans let you take back control this Winter, before Spring kicks in, with delicious nutrient-rich chef-made meals tailored to your goals. Here are just a few reasons why you should start a Youfoodz Meal Plan:

1. It'll boost your immunity

While everybody’s snifflin’, keep your immunity intact with seasonal, nutrient-dense meals. Chowing down on seasonal fruits and veg in Youfoodz meals and juices will give you the ultimate boost of Vitamin C and zinc, and keep the bugs and viruses away!

2. You can have your sweets and eat them too!

Our meal plans let you enjoy a few not-so-guilty pleasures as you progress towards your health goals. Yes, you can have your Choc Protein Brownie and eat it too!

3. You won't feel so guilty about sleeping through your alarm

The worst thing about Winter is the moment your alarm goes off. ‘Just one more minute’ can turn into half an hour and before you know it, you’ve missed your morning gym class. If you do fall into the habit of sleeping in, a Youfoodz Meal Plan will keep your nutrition on track to keep your health intact through the cold months!

4. You can get that summer bod without resorting to rabbit food

You’ve likely heard this a million times but it’s true: Summer bodies are made in Winter. Winter food should keep you warm and comfort you from the inside out, and the added bonus of Youfoodz Meal Plans means you can enjoy healthy twists on comfort-food faves, without the guilt! Step into summer feeling your best, healthiest self yet, without having to resort to boring rabbit food. New bod, who dis?

flat lay of youfoodz meal plan

5. It helps keep your skin glowing

As the weather cools down, our skin dries up. Along with all your rich, hydrating serums, heavy-duty moisturisers, and sunscreen, you can maintain your gorgeous glow with leafy greens, sweet potato, and carrots in meals like Healthy Chicken Hot Pot and Clean Paprika Chicken!

6. You don’t have to grocery shop

We get it those Winter hibernation feels! Get your meals delivered to your house and you can stay in for the next three months!

7. You save time

Our lives are busy enough as it is, and with shorter days, it seems our spare time almost halves! Organising a fresh meal plan (it’ll take 10 minutes to select, order, and pay, tops!) will allow you to gain some ‘you’ time back.

8. Energy levels increase

Follow a meal plan specifically designed towards your nutrient needs and you’ll be surprised how much easier getting up on a cold winter’s morning becomes! Say hello to your new-found energy!

9. It'll improve your mood

With less sunshine in Winter, vitamin D levels lower, and so does the synthesis of serotonin, resulting in a drop in overall happiness, otherwise known as the #WinterBlues. Hearty, healthy, and delicious Youfoodz meals will help keep the good vibes flowing all Winter long!


10. You get a meal plan! You get a meal plan! You get a meal plan!

Our Meal Plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of approach. They’re 100% designed for your taste, your goals, your budget, and your lifestyle! Just take the short questionnaire and see how you measure up!

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