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It's Time To Ditch The Crap!

Are you guilty of:

  1. working late and popping by the drive-thru for a sneaky dinner option?
  2. regretting that fried chicken 4 days later and trying to smash out 2 leg days in a row? (oh the painnn)
  3. counting tomato sauce as 1 of your 5 veg a day?

Well fam, it’s time to ditch the crap and the guilty sweats! Now, we understand it’s hard to just give up on something that gets you through those Sunday hangovers, arvos at work and study sessions, so that’s why we’ve got your back with healthy alternatives. This month, we’re all about dem food swaps - switching the bad for the oh so good.

Why leave your house (and pyjamas) for drive-thru pancakes when you can have our delicious Raspberry Protein Pancakes waiting in your fridge for when you wake? Why sacrifice all your hard work at the gym for greasy pizza, when our Tandoori Roast Lamb & Pumpkin Pizza is ready in just 2 minutes?!

Here’s a little vid we prepared earlier with some more hella good options. We’ve got your back fam - let’s ditch the crap! You can thank us later.


Emma Costello
Emma Costello


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