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Enjoy YF Your Way | Turkish Kebab with Garlic Hummus

One of our fave things about Youfoodz is that you can enjoy it your way! Whether its fresh from the packet, zapped in the microwave, baked in the oven, tossed in the frypan...the options are endless! That's why our new Turkish Kebab with Garlic Hummus comes deconstructed so that you can DIY just the way you like it. Here's our 5 cents:

1. Enjoy as a salad

Going carbless? Simply remove the tortilla wraps, mix in the garlic hummus with the tabouleh salad and meatballs, then enjoy in literally 30 seconds!

2. Enjoy as a toasted wrap

Spread the garlic hummus on the tortilla wrap, top with tabouleh salad and meatballs. Wrap it up tightly and chuck it under the sandwich press for 2 mins for a crunchy bite! Check out how easy it is in our little how-to video below.

3. Enjoy warm with tortilla crisps

Add some fresh chilli and toss ingredients in the frypan for 2 mins. Crisp up your tortilla wraps in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and turn them into tasty tortilla crisps!


How do you enjoy your meals?! Share your cheeky tips below, cause we'd love to know!

Rach Yong
Rach Yong


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