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Why We're Better For Ya!

At Youfoodz, we pride ourselves on catering for different lifestyles. Our menu is loaded with clean meals, sensible options and comfort food for those cosy nights on the couch after a hard day at work - perf for #NetflixAndYoufoodz...are we right?! Our aim is to provide you with healthier alternatives to your regular pre-packaged, fast food meals - and by that we mean fresh meals, with less cals, less sugar, more veg and loads of flavour!

Here’s why we’re better for ya:

1. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Our meals are all fresher than your Grandma in a pair of Nikes. We use quality ingredients straight from the markets to give you the best possible source of nutrients. Unlike frozen meals, we can’t disguise not-so-flash produce under sneaky ice particles…what you see is what you get and it’s pretty damn good lookin’!

2. No added preservatives. Once our meals are cooked, they are packed and MAP sealed within 24 hours. Our vacuum sealing process allows our meals to stay fresh for as long as naturally possible, so no need for numbers and nasties you can’t pronounce.

3. We cook smart. We blanch, we flash fry, we bake. Unlike your typical deep-fried take-aways, our meals ditch the unnecessary grease to give you guilt-free flavour. By cooking smart, we lock in the goodness and nutrients, while keeping the macros balanced.

4. We keep it interesting. We launch a new meal each week (sometimes 2!) just to spice things up and keep your tastebuds on their toes. We don’t want you getting bored and going off the rails into the land of fried chicken buckets and nutella tubs!



Now, let’s get real. Here’s a few examples of how our meals stack up to the rest.

​Dark Chocolate vs. YF Protein Brownie

60g of standard dark chocolate = 29g of sugar 1 60g
YF Protein Brownie = 6.4g of sugar

Other un-nameable Fried Chicken Company vs. YFC

3 fried chicken tenders, 1 small potato + gravy & 1 small coleslaw = 595 Cal
YFC with Potato Gravy & Coleslaw = 365 Cal

Pizza from a Pizza Delivery Guy vs. Pizza from your YF Delivery Guy

250g of Chicken & Feta Pizza = 605 Cal
YF Healthy Chicken, Spinach & Feta Pizza = 423 Cal

We’re here to take care of you fam - check out the full menu for other healthy alternatives to your all-time faves!

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