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Homestyle Comfort Food (just like Mama used to make)

Winter is well and truely HERE! So it's time to drag out your winter woolies and curl up on the couch with TV remote in one hand, a delicious bowl of Mama's Homemade Spaghetti & Meatballs in the other...oh wait....Mama don't cook for you no more. #sigh

There's nothing worse than having some serious food cravings for your Mum's cooking, but it's too cold outside to pay your parents a visit. And let's be honest, sometimes you just want the food without the 20 minute lectures about what you're doing with your life...#amirite? 

Fear not! We're bringing you all your Mum's homestyle faves to keep you warm through the Winter (with no need to have chats about your Boyfriend's new motorcycle or explain why you're not married with 4 kids yet).

1. Mama’s Spaghetti and Meatballs
Set the scene. You. In a kitchen. Trying to roll the perfect sized meatball. You taste the sauce. It’s just not quite right. How did mum ever do this? Leave the cooking to us and enjoy our classic spaghetti & meatballs with a glass of red wine... because we know you’ve earnt it ;).

2. The Sunday Lamb Roast 
Eat healthy, eat hearty! No longer do you have to wait all day before tasting mum’s succulent Rosemary Roast Lamb. Now you can enjoy this ultimate winter warmer in under 2 minutes. Yes, you read that right. You will never be sent to bed on an empty stomach again.

3. Mac n Double Cheese
What a classic. Remember when your mum used to whip up a Mac n Cheese in like 15mins and it just never had enough cheese in it? Well we know how that feels too, so we've recreated Mum's classic Mac n Cheese but we've added in a double hit of cheese - 'cause we all know it needed it! Pair this with some tender sliced steak covered in rich, tomato-ey Diane sauce, some lightly blanched brocc for your dose of greens and you have the perfect meal for those brrr-worthy nights in.

4. Sticky Date & Chia seed goodness 
Remember the days when Mum wouldn't let you let you have dessert unless you ate all your dinner? Well now you can eat your dessert whenever you damn well please 'cause you're an adult now and you make the rules. Our Sticky Date & Chia seed pudding is the perfect sweet snack for #netflixandchill on those cold winter nights. Simply peel, heat + eat. Dessert in 2 mins with no dishes to wash up? #yourewelcome

Hungry for more of Mama's homestyle comfort food? Checkout our winter menu here:

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