14 Reasons You Deserve Better

14 Reasons You Deserve Better
We know you’re good people. You’re great to live with, fun to be around, and an A+ workmate. Basically, you’re killing it on a daily basis.

So, when you come home to your sanctuary after a day of being a super human, there are some things you just don’t need to cop.

Dinner somehow frozen AND burnt? Ragu sauce everywhere except on top of your fettucine? An unprovoked attack from raw onion? The kind of kitchen behaviour gets a no from us.

We believe everyone deserves better, especially YOU! Let us count the ways and prove how truly deserving you are…

 1. You work hard for the money, so hard for the money.


2. You reply to every text message because you are a DAMN good friend.

3. You remember birthdays without Facebook. We’re not going to ask how you do it, but we assume witchcraft and wizardry?

4. You put your bebes before yourself, because you are a selfless and beautiful human. Fur babies included, obvs.

5. You’re polite to retail and hospo staff. Manners never go out of style, fam.


6. You still send cards in the mail. Um, adorable.

7. You’re the designated cook at home (*ahem* we can help with that one…)

8. You are a responsible member of society and pay your bills on time. #CanAdult


9. You always ask around for coffee orders even though carrying them puts you at serious risk.

10. You never reveal spoilers and are super considerate of such a heinous act during workplace chats.

11. You always BYO to parties – and don’t take the spares home. You legend.

12. You always do the awkward thank you way when people let you merge


13. You change the toilet paper if you finish the roll. Bonus points if you do this in public loos.

14. You order extra Youfoodz to share the love with your crew. Seriously, you are something else.



You’re already doing all the things, so why subject yourself to the pain of prepping onions? There’s no use crying over spilt sauce.

You deserve better. You know what you deserve? The week off cooking! Come with me...

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