"Thank you for being the bright guiding light into my journey" -D.

We received this very amazing feedback from an anonymous customer who just recently joined the Youfoodz family, we pride ourselves in our customer service so we really appreciate feedback from our Youfoodz family.



Hi, I wish to leave myself anonymous because I think my name does not impact my feedback like my story does.

I have been through many frozen food companies just looking for that reassurance I need to get back on track with healthier eating. I suffered from obesity for a long time and have slowly changed my lifestyle. When I discovered Youfoodz, I knew my life would get better.

I spoke with a lovely woman named Chris, who was so welcoming & thoroughly explained everything to me, I felt like I had been accepted into a warm family. I work in customer service for Telstra and really recognise the exceptional ones. So, thank you to Chris for being the bright guiding light into my journey with Youfoodz.

I am really excited to see how much my life will change by incorporating fresh foods prepared well. Thank you.


- D.

Youfoodz Development
Youfoodz Development


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