"The Meals Are Actually Yummy!" - Davina Rankin - youfoodz

"The Meals Are Actually Yummy!" - Davina Rankin

How did you find out about youfoodz and why did you decide to place your first order?

I used to work at a stockist in Brisbane city, and I used to eat Youfoodz on the days I didn't bring my lunch, and I've been hooked ever since. I used to buy at least 6-8 meals a week as my life is pretty crazy at the best of times.

What are the three main benefits you have noticed since regularly eating Youfoodz?

Less binging on bad foods through out the day. I am less stressed and have "ME" more time after work , instead of having to prep meals for the next day.
I have a better routine and Youfoodz help me work towards my weight loss and health goals.

Do you feel Youfoodz has changed your relationship with food?

Yes. I never had a bad relationship with food but the portion sizes are a lot better compared to what I was eating. I would either eat not enough or too much depending on how much time I had through the day to eat.

How do you feel Youfoodz influenced positive lifestyle changes for you?

I already live a pretty healthy and happy lifestyle but it definitely defeats the stress for this time poor girl thats for sure!

What has pleased you the most about Youfoodz?

The meals are actually yummy! I haven't found one that I don't like yet (and I'm not just saying that). AND you even get a reminder msg to place your orders incase you forget. Youfoodz really does tick all the boxes!

Would you recommend Youfoodz to friends or family?

100%. I'm on a mission to convert all of my clients!
It really is the way of the future

- Davina Rankin

Youfoodz Development
Youfoodz Development


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Cindy Hobson
Cindy Hobson

April 22, 2015

I have tried Youfoodz a few times from my local IGA but I started to order it online for a while to try some more dishes. About 5 weeks ago I fractured both wrists and Youfoodz has been such a blessing to have. I eat healthy without having to cook while recovering. Thankyou and I’ve recommended your food to the carers that were taking care of me so they can other clients know.

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