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Youfoodz, way of life!

You've heard them chime, "Suzukiiiii, way of life!". But let's be honest, is it? Youfoodz, however, is truly the way of life! We're all about transforming your life into one that maintains a healthy and sustainable lifestyle...made easy! Check out what one of our loyal customers, Justin, has to say about his crazy and exciting way of life with Youfoodz:

Just want to say thank you for your help in my training for Mt. Everest Base camp.

Working in television as a shift worker, it is almost impossible to prepare meals and schedule training around my crazy hours.

Knowing healthy meals were on the way every Friday was a God send, although it was tough going from Youfoodz to the food supplied on the mountain, it was the most important part of my lead up to flying out.

Once the motivation of getting to basecamp was gone, the only thing that got me back down the mountain was the thought of coming home and eating your lasagne

I'd definitely recommend YouFoodz to any person from athlete to lazy shift worker!

How has Youfoodz has impacted your life?! Whether it's made your life a hell of a lot easier, you've lost some weight, or you simply just love our food - send us an email, we'd love to hear from you!

Rach Yong
Rach Yong


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