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Are You The You in Youfoodz?!

This is it fam. Your claim to fame. We're planning a brand-spanking-new-tear-jerking mini campaign and want you to show us inspo from your Youfoodz lifestyle!

All you have to do is grab a mate or set up the timer on your phone (and pretend you have a mate) or whip out the ol' selfie stick if you have no shame - and show us how creative you can get with a YF-inspired photo or video on Insty! Show us how Youfoodz helps you save time or how we've helped solve a problem in your life...that you didn't even realise was a problem! Whatever the wonder might be, we want to know.

For your chance to WIN $1000 of Youfoodz and become #Instafamous as a part of our mini campaign, tag @youfoodz and #Youfoodzpiration (and make sure you show off yourself and something YF!). Get the most likes with the most creativity for an even better chance of winning the title and don't forget to set your profile on public! Are you the You of in Youfoodz?

Rach Yong
Rach Yong


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