6 Ways To Warm Up This Winter

6 Ways To Warm Up This Winter

How about that chill in the air? No, we’re not shivering, we’re buzzing with excitement – and hunger! Winter is finally here, Fam, and so is our new menu!

Welcome to A World of Flavour. We’re taking your tastebuds on a global adventure over six weeks, with new dishes from six destinations around the world. (We're also giving you six chances to win a holiday!) 

We’re kicking off our new Winter menu close to home, right here in Australia. Read on to find out how we’re warming up this Winter! 

1. Dive into cold-weather dishes

The change in season is most obvious on our dining tables, where comfort food enjoys its moment in the spotlight. We're clearing the table of fresh salads and light bites to make room for roast meat and root veg, and we’re sippin’ on shiraz, instead of rosé (all day)!  

Our new Aussie menu items represent everything we love about Winter: healthy, hearty comfort food that’ll make you feel right at home.

Rug up and dig in to what’s sure to be your new Winter go-to dishes: Hearty Lamb Stew With Ciabatta, Classic Chicken Pot Pie, Honey Mustard Chicken, Steak & Mushroom Sauce, and Sunday Roast Chicken.

2. Curl up with a good read

We’ll take any excuse for a low-key weekend, and nothing says Winter like getting under the covers with a new binge-worthy TV show, book, or magazine to escape the chill.

We’re goin’ analog, Fam, by slipping in a free copy of our new food and travel magazine in every YF delivery for the next six weeks to inspire your next trip! And coz we’re all about #Content, you can also go strictly digital with a link to download A World of Flavour here!

3. Go on an adventure

We’re a lucky bunch. Winter in Australia brings the goods with sunny days, mild temperatures, and clear skies – the perfect recipe for getting away, like conquering snowy slopes down south, hitting the road to nowhere, and winding into wine country.

If you’re really craving adventure, we’ll even get you there! Purchase any Youfoodz meal during Winter, and you can enter the draw to win a share of $100,000 worth of travel experiences, starting with $15,000 to eat your way around Australia!

4. Work on ya summer bod

With that rig all rugged up, now’s the time to work on your fitness. If you’re not an early riser at the best of times, let alone on wintry mornings, you can still squeeze in exercise – accidental is the best kind! – into your days. Run errands at lunchtime, warm up from a cold commute by taking the stairs, and get sweaty with a new fitness class – we love hot yoga and reformer Pilates!

Plus, every Youfoodz meal details its calories, fats, and protein, helping you manage your macros!

5. Sweeten things up

To paraphrase that age-old saying: If you can’t stand the cold, get into the kitchen! Sweeten up your evenings with a baked treat or two – we’re a sucker for our Choc Protein Brownie (whack it in the sandwich press for crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside goodness.

Or, if you want to bake your own, tear up a couple of our new Honeycomb Protein Balls into your brownie batter for a YF spin on your family’s recipe!

6. Spice up your life

You don’t have to throw on layers to keep warm in Winter. Getting out of your comfort zone is a sure-fire way to get the heart racing, and rather than hibernate this season, use the cooler months to start something new!

Up your chilli tolerance by trying new flavours – keep your eye out for new global-inspired menu items in the coming weeks; strike up a convo with the cutie at your bus stop/gym/dentist or get swiping on that dating app to find someone to snuggle; start that thing you’ve always wanted to start, like a blog, quitting your job or going back to uni! You do you, hot stuff!

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