Regular Juice vs Cold Pressed Juice

Fam, we’re giving you the low down on all things fresh (as usual!). But this time we're talkin' about fresh juice. Uh-huh - those ones you buy from the supermarket or make yourself at home vs the more expensive cold pressed juices?! Is it “fresh” or…“fresh”?!

It’s a no-brainer that juices are the perfect treat to accompany a tasty meal. But what if we told you they could also be a natural vitamin-packed meal replacement option!? You heard us - “meal replacement” juices from the cold pressed process are so nutrient dense that they allow the body to absorb up the perfect amount needed of all the good stuff and minimise the bad things like added sugar or artificial flavourings!

Lets break down the facts so you know what’s up next time you get some juice in ya:

Fresh Juice (aka Centrifugal Juice - the kind you buy from the supermarket)

Just when you think you’re buying those “fresh juices” from your supermarket which may be “100% fruit” - did you know the nutrients extracted only last short period once opened due to exposure to oxygen?! That means less goodies for your body and we can’t have that!

Now you say “Well, let’s buy a juicer and do it at home that will be the healthier option”…but the aggressive blades used in this process (ie. centrifugal heat extraction) leaves your juice feeling very sad with without maximising the nutrients from your fruit.

Cold Press Juice
So what about cold press? Why is it so good for you, isn’t it just overpriced fruit squeeze?

Well as a matter of fact my suss & skeptical friend, the simple truth is that good things take time. This particular process requires a slow pressure extraction to produces a far superior, nutrient-rich juice without the heat (hence the term “cold pressed”). As a result, the juice has less oxidisation, can retain nutrition potency for much longer periods & hold a longer shelf life of up to 4 weeks! The slow and delicate cold press also means less froth and more juice for your squeeze!

If you haven’t already made up your mind about which one is better…hint: cold pressed! We can tell you that here at head office we've just got some of our very own fab cold pressed samples in this week and are loving the job of taste-testing! Keep an eye open for more info and let us know… would you add some Youfoodz Cold Pressed Juices to your cart?

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