Casting Call – youfoodz

Casting Call

Lights, camera…action! This is a casting call for the next Youfoodz campaign and we thought who better to ask then our loyal YF fam? We’re on the hunt to find someone who lives, eats and breathes the Youfoodz lifestyle and wants to tell the whole world. We’ve got $3500 cash and a $500 YF voucher up for grabs…oh and did we mention the amazing opportunity to star in our next TVC?!

Show us why people should join the Youfoodz fam and feature some of your fave meals or snacks! Post a short 15 sec video via Instagram (tag @youfoodz and hashtag #Youfoodz) or email it in to with your full name and contact phone number. If we’re really impressed by one of the videos you send in, then we might just declare you the winner!

We wanna see your superstar within and can’t wait for you to blow our socks off with how funny, quirky, honest & convincing you can be in front of the camera. So we thought we’d help y’all out with a few pointers when you’re filming:

Tip 1: Lighting
We always want you to look your best and get that #NoFilter look down-pat! You can give your self a “healthy glow” by avoiding low-light situations. While professionals use diffusers, you can be your own pro and replicate this by shooting with natural sunlight (that’s still out of the direct glare of the sun). This might be the one time you can use that selfie stick your aunt for you for Xmas, but it’s always good to test out a few options whether that be with your iPhone, camera or with your wannabe-director friend - see what works best for you!

Tip 2: Sound
Make sure you’re in a quiet room/setting and that your video isn’t drowned out with distracting noises like air con or street traffic. If you can get your hands on a microphone this can help isolate the sounds you want to capture, but also make sure you’re articulating all your words clearly so that we know what you’re on about!

Tip 3: Personality
At HQ, we like to think that being true to yourself never goes out of style! So make sure that the real you shines through in your 15 sec video! So relax and just be yourself…unless your alter ego is coming to town!

Good luck fam! Show us what ya got by this Friday and if we like what we see…Australia will be seeing a lot more of you!

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