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Benefits Of Pork On Ya Fork!

When we found out a pig’s fave karate move was a pork chop (haha) – we had to find out more! To celebrate our new Pork Chop Marsala, we’ve got some proper pork facts for ya.

Fact #1
Did y’all know that pork is actually very naturally low in salt perfect for controlling high blood pressure and reduce breathing difficulties with people who suffer from heart failure

Fact #2
Chicken breast, shmicken breast…don’t be afraid to change it up! Lean pork nearly has the same amount of protein as lean chicken breast - perf for all you gym junkies out there who need a rich source of protein for repairing and maintaining your body’s muscle mass!

Fact #3
When you’re next chowing down on some pork, know that your body will be thanking you for the extra nutrients of B-12, zinc and potassium. All these goodies work together to help preserve your vision, promote growth, immunity and wound healing, help regulate blood pressure and protect against strokes!

So if you weren’t already tempted to get some pork on ya fork…now you’ve got every reason to add one Pork Chop Marsala to your cart…or two!

Lachlan Spencer
Lachlan Spencer


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