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What's In Our Pesto + Pumpkin Chicken Salad?!

When I say salad, you say…boring?! Yep. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to the ol’ plain-jane leaves and say hellooo to the goodness of our new Pesto + Pumpkin Chicken Salad! It’s packed with healthy but delish flavours, plus the superfoods that help keep your body tickin’ how it should - so here’s the fun facts to prove it!

Butternut Pumpkin

Did you know that this orange-fleshed fruit is actually a superfood that does good things for your heart? It’s filled with carotenoids (no, not carrots!) which are a powerhouse nutrient that helps protect you from heart disease, being super low in fat and loaded with folate. Plus it dominates in nutrition with nearly half the carbs, calories and fats per serving compared to our dear carb-heavy friend the sweet potato! 

Pine Nuts

Sick of munching on your everyday almonds? Why not change it up and put some pine nuts on your plate? These hold a wealth of antioxidants including Vitamin E, which helps protect your skin against toxins, keeping it youthful and summer-ready. Who says you need those anti-aging creams?!  Let food be they medicine! Oh and they’re also a great appetite suppressant, which makes for the perfect snack when you get those 3pm cravings!  


So it turns out Popeye was right…spinach really does boost your muscles! The smart people have found that the nitrates in spinach are like a fuel additive for your muscles. This means it helps your guns to work extra efficiently so that you can get even more out of your workout for the same amount of effort. Try adding some spinach to your morning smoothie or as a side salad with lunch…after all Popeye reckons, “I am strong to the finish because I eat all my spinach!”


Let’s bask in the glory of feta cause not only is it the best, it also contains one of the lowest amounts of calories in the cheese family. #Score. Don’t forget it can be an extra source of calcium perf for keeping your teeth and bones strong and healthy! So say goodbye to boring salads by adding a little feta lovin’ or even try it with some avo on gluten free toast! 

Lucky that we’ve done all the hard work for you and packed all of these goodies into one big Pesto + Pumpkin Chicken Salad! So enjoy it with good feels, knowing you’re doing good things for your summer bod at the same time! Add one to cart this week cause we’re sure it’ll be your new springtime fave.

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