Get Summer Ready with our New Sesame Pork Summer Salad! – youfoodz

Get Summer Ready with our New Sesame Pork Summer Salad!

Summer is right around the corner and we want you to be ready for the heat! So to celebrate beach season, we’ve introduced our new Sesame Pork Summer Salad - fresh, colourful and chock-a-block full of the good stuff!


This is one superfood you don’t want to be moving to the side of the plate anymore! These beets are high in nitrates and studies indicate that this may improve athletic performance by increasing the size of blood vessels to increase oxygen flow. So whether you're wanting to go the extra distance in that cycle class or break your PB in that 5km run, you can feel good knowing you have an extra edge because of the red veg! P.S For an extra boost of beets in ya life try our 'Regenerate’ Cold Pressed Juice which is loaded with beetroot!


These little mini trees are jam packed with full-sized goodness! Providing ya with an abundance of nutrients for very little calories! #Winning! With over 24 different nutrients in one cup, they’re helping your body in many ways including fighting blood clotting, building collagen, promoting digestive health and maintaining new cell development to name a few!

Dried Cranberries

Dried fruit doesn’t always have to be raisins! These small red slices are sweeter and a great addition to any dish that needs more of a summer vibe! They are shown to act like a teflon for your teeth, making it difficult for bad bacteria or plaque to set in. Now you have no excuse to not smile ear to ear over summer!

Red Cabbage

Wanting to maintain healthy weight? Well adding this superfood into your diet will help keep you full! It’s the Rolls Royce of the cabbage family, being very low in saturated fats and cholesterol but high in fibre and iron. Red cabbage is best eaten raw (just like it is in our Sesame Pork Summer Salad) so ya body can soak up all nutrients!


Open Sesame Fam! This sesame salad dressing is a delicious celebration, filled to the brim with nutrients, minerals and antioxidants! Sesame oil may even hold some secrets to help prevent early greying hair! Sesame seeds have two unique substances; sesamin and sesamolin which have shown to help lower cholesterol and protect against liver damage.

So if you’re looking for some summer feels from your food, be sure to add one of these to cart and experience the goodness for yourself!

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