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A Day In The Life Of Ben Day & Jordana Demos

Guest Blog by Ben Day & Jordana Demos.

To adventure is to discover the depths of the unknown. To explore is to feel the freeze of the water, the shaking of your bones and the stinging on your skin; and to love every second of it. Adventure will leave you with salty hair, and sun kissed skin, dirty feet and eyes that glisten. It will leave you with a thirst to become delightfully chaotic and spontaneously reckless. But mostly, it will leave you hungry…for food.

Waking up to a red sunrise, and a fresh breeze is beautiful, but easily ruined by the feeling of hunger. Hungry, hangry, angry. We all know the order, we’ve all been there, and we can safely say, “ain’t nobody got time for dat”!! Especially not when you have the rainforest, waterfalls, and caves hidden in Lamington National Park waiting for you. This is where Youfoodz comes in. We began our day with Raspberry and Coconut Protein Pancakes and a Carb-Less Pizza Omelette.

Once our bellies were full, and our bodies were ready to adventure, we began our exploration. An hour drive on winding roads, ascending into the depths of the thick rainforest of the Gold Coast Hinterland definitely was not a bad way to start our Monday. It’s true, the journey is better than the destination, however in our case, the destination was damn incredible.  We began our first hike on the 5km Caves Circuit in Binna Burra. The path led us through the eucalypt trails carved by volcanic rock which was created by the Mt Warning Volcano, and along the cliff faces over looking Coomera Gorge. We basked in the coolness and shade of the caves, and then began our venture back to the car, ready for our next destination.

It was only once we had reached the car that we realised… Hanger had struck. Lucky for us we had our Youfoodz bag packed with nutritious options. Being the meat eating – manbun-wearing male that he is, Ben opted for the Gluten Free Peppercorn Steak and Chips to fulfil his caveman needs. Ok, and maybe I did as well. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a fresh and juicy steak after a hike, my inner cavewomen was calling. 

As we ate our meal, we looked over the views of Lamington National Park and the Binna Burra range, taking in the smell of the eucalypts, the rolling of the mountains, and arguing about which road would be the quickest to our next destination. Relationship goals, right?

After finally coming to an agreement on what road to take, we eagerly jumped back in our Land Rover Discovery and began our next expedition to Currumbin Rock Pools. Once we had arrived, we packed our Camelbak and Youfoodz cooler bags with our snacks, water, sunglasses, towel and Jetboil. We were off. On our second adventure for the day.

Despite what common thought may be, the rock pools are more than just rock pools. If you delve a little further in, and venture a little off the beaten track, you will find yourself amongst the crashing of water from waterfalls, crystal clear pools, thick rainforest and a constantly flowing creek. It’s an adventurer’s paradise. It’s simply you and nature – and maybe a few callings from the Koel bird, most commonly known as the storm bird, trying to warn you of the fast approaching storm that’s coming your way.

We followed the water from the top of the waterfall right down to the bottom, only stopping for snack stops – which was more regularly than what we would like to admit. Thank goodness for our Bang on Bagel being so easy to eat on the run, otherwise our caveman bodies most definitely would have become fatigued and energy depleted quickly.  Our cliff jumping, pool diving and tree climbing adventure lasted roughly four hours before we began to argue over who could climb the quickest, dive the deepest, or jump from the highest cliff. Then we realised, stage one of hanger was creeping up on us. Our realisation lead to a quick return to the car to snack Ham and Cheese Scrolls, and to take off to our final destination to eat our dinner.

After an adventure fuelled day, we were at the end of our exploration, and what better way to finish it than by sitting (read: acro-yogaing) on the beach, eating our early dinner and watching the sun set. Apart from the sea gulls trying to pinch our Satay Chicken and Sticky Teriyaki Beef, it was the perfect end to our Monday. Of course made a lot easier thanks to Youfoodz and Google Maps.

So this leaves us with one last question, where’s our next destination?

This blog was brought to you by Ben Day & Jordana Demos

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