How To Do ‘New Year, New You’… For Reals

So you’re back at it, pumped for 2016 and you hear the sweet, sweet sounds of the office doughnuts calling…

Fear not fam! Here’s our hot tips for staying on track and smashing those New Years goals like that leftover Christmas pudding (we’ve all been there).



Here’s 3 simple tips for planning your meals and snacks ahead of time - a surefire way to quash those urges for cheeky splurges!

  1. Say goodbye to shopping, cooking and cleaning, and place your weekly Youfoodz order so you’re all stocked up! When it comes to the dreaded Sunday night realisation that it’s Monday tomorrow, breakfast and lunch will be two less things to freak out about! Pick and choose what you like off our menu or if you’re spoilt for choice, go for one of our meal plans to get you started – no contracts!
  2. Chop up some fresh fruit, carrot sticks and celery to keep in the work fridge. Drawer snacks are a must have too - our Broccoli Chips are perfect for those snackie times (and trust us, you won’t want to share!).
  3. Step up your tea game. Drinking herbal teas throughout the day can boost your metabolism, aid digestion and reduce sweet cravings, all while increasing your water intake at the same time! So next time you’re dying for an energy kick from that (dreaded) energy drink, get your Queen on!



Since we’ve got the food thang covered, now the exercise is on you (we’re only mean because we love you). Here’s 3 foolproof tips to help you sweat it out:

  1. Set your alarm 30 minutes early, jump out of bed, lace up the kicks and run (or walk) the block. There’s no better way to wake up the mind and get energised for the day! 
  2. Pack that gym bag every morning, take it to work, get changed at knock off time and head straight to the gym. Stopping in at home before the gym is a detour straight to the couch for Friends re-runs (or Fam Feud if you’re one of those) and believe it or not, that’s not how you get that peach booty, ok?
  3. If you need that extra kick up the butt, try following an exercise program (holla BBG gals!). We’re fans of The Robards Method here at Youfoodz HQ and for a limited time, you can try 4 weeks for free when you place an order! So get ordering and get moving!



When you work hard, you can play hard…and should also be rewarded. SO TREAT YO SELF! Now, you can’t be buying a new pair of kicks every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator, so be real fam. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, pick up yo’self a planner, write down those goals and, well, get shit done (we loooove the GET SHIT DONE book from migoals!).
  2. Create a Wish List (new kicks, endless supply of Youfoodz protein balls). You know, all the important stuff.
  3. Set milestones like ‘made it to 10 gym classes’ or ‘ate 10 Youfoodz meals in a row’ (protein brownies don’t count!).
  4. Every time you’re another step closer to that bangin’ summer body, cross something off your Wish List, ‘cause you’ve earned it!


We know the struggle is real. That’s why we’re here to help y’all! Start with these steps now and you’ll set the pace for a killer 2016!

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