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Enjoy Youfoodz...your way!

Get ready to be mind...blown. ‘Cause we’re about to show you just a few of the ways you can enjoy Youfoodz! We’ve tried and tested these game changers and let’s just say...it's time to get heatin’ and get eatin’!



Just because it’s called a sandwich press, don’t mean it’s just for sandwiches. Most offices have one of these bad boys, and they secretly double as a mini frypan - trust us! Try toasting our delicious Bang on Bagel, crisping up some of our Sweet Potato Fries or re-heating our Clean Green Stir Fry - too easy! 



Who doesn’t love a good fry-up? Try tossing our Clean Chicken & Broccoli in the frypan to bring out more flavour and toasty-up your pine nuts. Anddd we swear we ain't crazy, but have you even popped a salad in the frypan? Try this with our Greek Lamb Salad for a completely different taste plus roasted walnuts and blistered tomatoes...then you'll be living with no regrets!



If you love crispy chips, then the oven is the way to go! Bake our Homemade Fish & Chips or our Roasted Pork Schnitty to crunchy golden perfection. You can also say seeya to dirty pub meals, cause our clean Chicken Parmy in the oven is like no other with melted cheese and pesto chicken...mmmm.



Don’t be afraid to get creative by adding your favourite toppings, sauces or sides! Add a little parmesan to our Mama’s Healthy Spag Bol or fresh fruit to our Raspberry & Coconut Protein Pancakes. Would you like guac with that? Heck yes you do! Add some to our Pulled Pork Nachos and you’ll be in Mexo heaven - deeelish.



Can’t decide on just one meal? Then go crazy! Lasagne with Nachos, Pesto & Pumpkin Chicken Salad with Pizza - there’s really no limit. And if you're one of those who can’t decide on sweet or savoury for breakfast...then have both! Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs...no ones judging here. The most important thing is to enjoy the freedom and make the most of not having to shop, cook or clean for every meal!

If you have your own fave way that you enjoy your Youfoodz, share below 'cause we’d love to hear it!

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