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The Easter Aftermath - How To Get Back On Track


Was the bunny a little too generous and you’re feeling like a human Easter egg after the long weekend? Fear not! We have the a little 5-step guide to get you back on the straight & narrow.

Set your deadline. We know you have left over eggs stashed in the bedside drawer and in the fridge crisper…well finish ‘em up! You have 24 hours to eat/donate/dispose of those cheeky temptations - out of sight, out of mind!

Place your Youfoodz order. In turn, this means you won’t have to visit the supermarket and be tempted by the remaining little chocolate bunny eyes begging you for adoption (I mean, they’re pretty darn cute). Plus we've done all the cooking and cleaning so all you have to do is enjoy fresh meals - no fuss!

Make a plan of attack. Create a little eating guide - here’s a template we prepared earlier. Schedule when you’ll eat your Youfoodz meals & snacks. Remember to factor in any catch ups with friends or date nights. Life is all about balance and if you're prepared, you'll stay on track!

Boost up the good stuff! Now, after a weekend of indulgence, your body will be craving heaps of fruit and veg. If watermelon is your fave, chop some up and store it in containers for your morning snacks. Or carrot sticks and a little tzatziki for those 3pm slumps. Be sure to pop some of our NEW Cold Pressed Juices into your plan too! They come in 3 nutritious flavours - Rejuvenate, Revive & Replenish.
    STEP 5
    Move that tush! We all lead busy lives and exercising can be at the bottom of your to-do list, especially if you’ve been out of the swing of things. Here’s how you can up your game:
    • Park a little further from work in the mornings to trick yourself into walking an extra 10 minutes each day.
    • Pop your Youfoodz in the mic for 2 minutes and wall sit or plank until the timer goes off.
    • Kick it pre-school style and do star jumps during those MKR or Seven Year Switch ads (the addiction is real).
      So fam, put those bunny ears away and follow these steps and you’ll feel ace!

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