All in the Fam: We love our YF mums!

All in the Fam: We love our YF mums!

Few things are more important than family, and here at Youfoodz, we think we’ve got a pretty special bunch – especially you, our extended Fam! Mother's Day is all about celebrating Fams far and wide, so we wanted to spread the love with some wise words from our very own YF mums.

Melanie Heather, Customer Service Co-Pawdinator, Dogfoodz

My daughter Jaydah-Ava, 10, is creative, thoughtful, a bookworm, and always happy. Having Youfoodz in our lives allows us to spend more time together, exploring museums, galleries, and parks with cool playgrounds. Her fave YF dish is Hawaiian Pizza, and mine is the Chargrilled Lemon Pepper Chicken.

I always make sure I support her in whatever she is passionate about or shows interest in. I also try and teach her to stay humble but aim high, emphasising to her that breaking stereotypes and being true to herself is more important than what others think.

I think it's important to make sure she knows that she can do whatever she wants to do in life and that I'll be behind her 100%.

Lyla from Youfoodz

Lyla Jamieson, National Logistics Manager

My son Aiden is 16 years old. Our favourite thing to do together is going out for breakfast, usually in search of crepes or waffles. He costs me a fortune to feed! His ultimate YF dish was Jimmy’s Gyros, but Beef Lasagne comes a close second.

I think it’s important for all parents to prioritise plenty of ‘me’ time too.  I use any extra time I get back by not cooking to enjoy Pilates, yoga, or chilling out by the water.

I like to think I teach Aiden to always show manners and respect, but most importantly, to be himself while living his best life.

Crystal from Youfoodz with Izzie and Indie

Crystal Bale, Customer Experience Co-ordinator

My identical twin girls, Indie and Izzie, are 19 months old. They’re both affectionate little souls, but Izzie is definitely the sassier one (like her dad)! We have many values that we want to instil in them; our top priority is to make sure they show love and respect towards themselves and others.

Indie and Izzie LOVE the Sticky Teriyaki Beef with Stir Fry and to like to steal a sneaky forkful of the Sunday Roast Chicken from me. They once snatched a spoonful of their dad’s Thai Green Curry and quickly learnt to never do that again – that one was a little too spicy for their baby tongues!

As we both work full time, YF gives us the time to enjoy dinner together as a family and of course, squeeze in extra playtime before we put them down to sleep. It’s a dream for parents of twins! 

 Maddy O’Reilly, Social Media Coordinator

I’m a #DogMom through and through. I’m parents to two fur babies: Luna the Frenchie, and a Bullmastiff named Dora. Neither pup lets their size define them. Luna is cheeky, stubborn, and playful, while Dora is gentle, caring, and affectionate.

Thanks to Youfoodz (and Dogfoodz!) I get more time to take them to the beach, but also spend quality time around the house, including cuddling and playing fetch in the yard! 

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