All in the Fam: Who the YF Fam are buying ballz for

All in the Fam: Who the YF Fam are buying ballz for

It’s no secret that we’re a tight bunch at YF, from HQ to you, our wider Fam. You’re all part of the story – you are the story! – and the very reason why we do what we do.

Now that we’ve embarked on our ballziest initiative ever, to raise $1 million for cancer research by selling 1 million Charity Protein Ballz, we thought we’d shed some light on the heart of the cause: the people.

We surveyed our Fam and more than 80% of the company has been impacted by cancer in some way or another – gut wrenching stuff, and a statistic similarly reflected across Australia.

Some truly brave YF Fam members wanted to share their story about what the It Takes Ballz charity campaign means to them, and why all Australians need to get on board. Ready to feel all the feelz? Read on.

love heart with it takes ballz charity protein ballz

William, Snacks

Cancer has taken away my grandfather and also my best friend, so I’ll be buying Charity Protein Ballz in support of them. I found helping out with charities while they were alive and after they had passed helped me deal with the situation and in turn, give back as well.

William's wise words for anyone going through tough times: 

Stay positive and strong for those who are going through it; they’ll have days where they can’t do anything and just feel down, so you need to lift them and give them strength.

Caitlin, HR

I still remember the phone ringing and watching my grandfather break down when we heard the news about my uncle. My uncle’s cancer battle lasted five years, and while he was initially full of energy, it was challenging for everyone to watch him through the physical and emotional struggles. Despite the pain he was in, he always continued to have a positive outlook and ensure his family felt loved in the time he had left.

We were lucky to have a support system that allowed us to rely on each other. When my  uncle was really sick, my mum helped my aunt care for him to give her some respite. Following his passing, we relied on our support network to assist in the healing process by keeping the memory alive to aid through speaking about our cherished memories. 

Caitlin's wise words for anyone going through tough times: 

While it’s upsetting to see someone you love suffering in such a devastating way, I’m so glad I spent the time I had left with my uncle creating more memories, and I encourage everyone else in this situation to do the same. 

Ashton and mum

Ashton, Marketing

The more we can support research and medical science, the more life we’re potentially giving back to those affected by the big ‘C’. I’ll be buying Charity Protein Ballz for my mum, who I lost to cancer five years ago. She was only 47. It was just her and I when I was growing up & we were incredibly close. We lived on a street called ‘Gilmore’ and my friends used to call us the Gilmore Girls!

I moved home to take care of her when we knew things were too far gone. It was six months from diagnosis to her passing. I make an effort every day to live my life the way Mum would want me to; to make the most of everything she gave me. Whenever I feel grief closing in, I replace any memories of those last six months with happier thoughts of Mum at her strongest, funniest, feistiest self. 

Ashton's wise words for anyone going through tough times: 

When you lose someone close to you, the feeling of loss never goes away completely. It’s a passenger who’s now along with you for the ride – ‘someone’ you’ll need to learn to live in harmony with. Don’t judge your emotions. There’s no rulebook on how you should feel or act. Give yourself the freedom to feel and don’t try to ‘keep it together’ when you need to pour it out.

Mia, Transfers

Having lost two cousins to leukaemia at such a young age, then my grandmother to lung and liver cancer, and finding out my brother had bowel cancer the following week, who then lost his battle only six months after being diagnosed, to now, my sister in-law and my aunty both with breast cancer… it’s been tough, to say the least. I’ll be buying Protein Charity Ballz in memory of all of them. 

Mia's wise words for anyone going through tough times: 

Spend as much time as you feel you need to with those who are battling cancer. Don’t wait until it’s too late to have regrets such as, “I should’ve taken more time off work; I should’ve been there; I could’ve done more. Tell them you love them and be by their side as much as you can!

jaimee from youfoodz

Jaimee, Customer Service

My mum was diagnosed with cancer in April 2013, and passed away in October 2013. To be honest, cancer is a b!tch. It’s not something people ever get over, and to know that there are millions of people out there fighting for their lives because of this horrendous illness is heart breaking. I’ll be purchasing Charity Protein Ballz in support of any family members out there who has had to watch their loved ones experience life with cancer.

Jaimee's wise words for anyone going through tough times: 

Find someone that is going to be there for you, and rely on them to vent – they won’t mind! I have the best friends in the whole world, and even coming to work makes each day that little bit easier, because I know I have my colleagues’ love and support.

Christian, Projects & Facility Manager

My mum has been battling different forms of cancer since I was 15 years old; I’ve lost my two uncles to bowel and throat cancer; and recently a close friend lost a very short yet courage-filled battle with pancreatic cancer, two weeks after diagnosis. My brothers, sister and I, have grown up with cancer and we have seen first-hand what it can do, not only to the individual but the family unit as a whole. As a father with two beautiful young girls I want to spread the word about the It Takes Ballz campaign in the hope of removing the curse of cancer, in all its forms, as soon as possible.

Christian's wise words for anyone going through tough times: 

Stay strong, stay together. Get regular checks, talk to your doctor about family history, as prevention is always better than the cure. If you stick together, you can achieve anything.

I encourage everyone out there impacted by cancer to provide them with enormous support. My family and I have been to seminars, lectures, and talks from life coaches and natural healing and spiritual leader – do anything that gives you a focus, and a distraction.

It Takes Ballz charity campaign

Buy a ball (or five – or 20!) online or find your closest retail stockist via

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