Easy Life Hacks to Clean Up Your Act

Easy Life Hacks to Clean Up Your Act

It’s always a good time for a fresh start. If your life feels a bit cluttered and your mind is a mess, set yourself up with a new ‘tude by saying buh-bye to bad habits, chaotic spaces, and negative relationships.  

Here are a few ways to spring clean your world and start living your best life.

Detox your desk space

There are two types of desks in every office: ones you can see, and those that left us long ago, buried under a pile of papers. RIP. 

Getting your desk in check will do wonders for your focus and creativity. Find an extra 30 minutes in your day to sort out your workspace, and invest in an indoor plant for bonus good vibes.

Get moving

Being active is as much about your mental state as it is about your bod. Make moving a priority, even if it’s just a stroll at lunchtime. 

Getting the blood pumping increases those endorphins, making you feel great and full of beans! Try to focus on ‘exercise’ you know you enjoy, so you’ll be less inclined to bail. 

Eat well

It’s so easy to sacrifice your diet when you’re busy. The quick options aren’t always the best for you, and soon you’re on that slippery slope of swinging into the drive-through on the way home… again.      

But clean eating doesn’t have to be boring! Hawaiian Chicken Parma, anyone? Keep your fridge full of healthy, grab-and-go options. Future you will thank you for it. 

Do an app audit

Do you find yourself swiping between screens on the reg, struggling to find the app you need? It’s time for an app clean-up. Yes – it’s appening. 

Take some time to ‘press and release’ those unused apps to help your phone fire on all cylinders, or group them into folders.

Did you know there’s a Youfoodz App?! True story.     

Donate, feel great 

It’s great to do this twice a year: after Summer and after Winter, so you can rotate your fashun and part ways with anything you haven’t worn in the past six months. 

Cull your socials

Are you following social accounts (or even friends) that trigger negative emotions? You don’t need that kind of toxic energy in your life.  

Let’s be honest: you’re not going to stop your late-night scrolling, so do yourself a favour and hit the ol’ ‘unfollow’ on anyone whose posts put you in a mood. 

Give your car a spa

Cruising to work in a clean car on a Monday morning or road tripping in a shiny whip is a guaranteed mood booster.   

Think about the spaces where you spend your time: bed, home, work, car. These should be your sanctuaries, so treat them with respect.   

Unsub from emails

Maybe you’re one of those people whose unread emails are up to 1,248, in which case this is probably not a pressing concern for you. 

For the rest of you who hate that little red notification bubble, start unsubbing yourself from newsletters and marketing blasts no longer relevant to you. Excluding Youfoodz of course, because our emails are awesome.

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