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Expectation V Reality

Here at Youfoodz we’ve had our own share of horrific “expectation vs reality” experiences. Whether it’s the fast food that comes out of the drive-thru window looking more like someone’s sloppy seconds, or the way you think your haircut will look….we’ve all been there.

We decided to take one of the greatest perpetrators of this unjust and devastating behaviour…the humble yet deceiving burger.

We’ve created our own take on everyone’s drive-thru go to, but ours looks like just like we advertise it. #Legit.


Introducing our Flamin’ Chicken! We took tender, juicy chicken and coated it in our secret herbs and spices, added hand cut, chicken salted chips (CAN I GET AN AMEN) and topped it off with some blanched broc. #Health.

Just in case there are some of you who doubt our “expectation vs reality” concerns, we’ve laid them out for you to see…literally laid them out - check it.

So the next time your haircut reality doesn’t meet your expectations, remember there’s nothing we can do for you...but next time your food doesn’t meet its expectations, just think, “should’ve ordered Youfoodz”. #ToldYaSo.

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