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We've expanded our delivery days!

Just like anyone with a growing family, there comes a time to make things more comfortable and convenient. That’s why we’ve introduced more delivery days, commencing next week! #HappyDance.

Most Capital Cities now have 4 delivery days and some other areas have an additional day, so you can have FRESH goodies whenever your heart desires. Now, we know life gets busy, especially with many mouths to feed, so we’ve extended our order cut-off times to 11:59pm! That means you can have dinner, watch some Netflix, have dessert and still have time to place your weekly order! That’s no more scrambling to order on the train home from work or phones out at the dinner table while you get glares from Grandma.

Last but definitely not least, our smaller rural towns will still have the same delivery day, but we've given you extra time to order, with the 11:59pm cut-off. #LessStress.

Click here to view your extra delivery days and happy ordering!

Emma Costello
Emma Costello


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