@get_fit_lauren's Weight-Loss Story, Part 1

@get_fit_lauren's Weight-Loss Story, Part 1

Lauren, aka @get_fit_lauren, is a 30-year-old from Victoria, who keeps herself busy with a fast-paced retail and marketing career, as well as a home beauty and makeup business. Lauren’s other love is travel, which is where her incredible weight-loss story begins. In this four-part series, she shares the catalyst for her drastic lifestyle changes and how she keeps hitting her goals. Get it, girl! 

“I had a fit in Moscow, and none of the doctors I met with there or back home could tell me why. Eventually, I found out that I have chronic sleep apnea, a condition that causes you to stop breathing in your sleep. Needless to say, it has a serious impact on your health and quality of life.

“Up until that point, I never realised how ‘big’ I was – I was 175kg at the time! After speaking with a friend, I built up the courage to meet a bariatrics surgeon and booked in for gastric sleeve surgery, which reduces your stomach to a fraction of its original size.

Only you can take yourself from before to after. I remember where I started and I doubt I will ever forget. I was just me, I knew I was BIG, but not 175.2kgs BIG! . I realise now, all the things I can do that I struggled with, or never was able to. . I can RUN, I thought that I’d never be able to because of my the pain on my legs. . I can walk into a “normal shop” and not have to buy plus size. Mind you I will miss my stores as they were a safety net for me. I never felt judged or looked up and down. . I can sleep. The past two years I’ve had a CPAP sleep apnea machine. But this past week I’ve been allowed to not use it, I just need to go have a sleep analysis to determine if my sleep apnea is gone. EEEEEPPPPPP 😁 . I have more energy than an energiser bunny, I just go go go 💃🏻 I used to lay in bed for hours before getting up, and used to plot around the house. . My psoriasis is A LOT better. Since eating healthier, becoming healthier also, it’s not as flakey and as flared up. I’ve had psoriasis my entire life, used many medicines, seen soo many doctors. To the point I gave up, there was no point. I just had to accept it. . I make the right food choices by always looking at the nutritional information on products (no more than 10grms of sugar per serve 🙅🏻‍♀️) before, I used to eat anything that tastes good. I’d sit on the couch with a 2liter bottle of Coke, and a block of chocolate. This was a daily thing. I never ate breakfast, I even went to maccas for lunch nearly everyday because it was easy - no dishes! . But you know what, I will NEVER forget the old Lauren because she taught me to be a better person. And the only competition in this world, is yourself! #transformationtuesday

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“I didn’t want to just jump in the deep end, so I immediately started making lifestyle changes, 10 months before the operation. I completely overhauled my diet – clean eating and drinking water only – and started walking everywhere.

“I kept myself motivated and accountable by keeping an Instagram account to track my progress. I dropped more than 30kg before the surgery on my own! I had so much support behind me and you could see the change not just physically, but even my sleep apnea was getting better.

“2018’s my year to shine, and I’m currently six months post op, having lost a total 75kgs because I wanted to be ‘double digits’ for my 30th birthday – I’m now 98.9kg. I’m more motivated than ever to shed even more weight because I have so much support behind me!

“I wanted to share my week on a plate with the Youfoodz community, to show how the fresh and healthy meals help my weight-loss goals.”


After having bariatric weight-loss surgery in January, it has always been a struggle to find foods that I can eat, until Youfoodz. Being more focused on clean eating, protein, and portion control, Youfoodz has definitely ticked the box for convenience. Because of the surgery, my stomach is tiny so I don’t need to eat much. Today I had Clean Roast Pork & Veg after my double session of water aerobics. It tasted like Mum’s Sunday roast!


I went to my in-laws and always feel like I'm annoying them with my food requirements, so it was great that I could bring along a Beef Lasagne with me. This hearty Youfoodz meal definitely gave me the energy to keep up with my nieces and nephews as we ran around the local park together! Eating has become so much easier now.


it’s really important that I have enough protein and energy to get me through the day, especially on Wednesdays as they’re my triple workout days, with water aerobics at 9am and 7pm, and an at-home HIIT workout in between. I had the Teriyaki Chicken Wrap for lunch and tried the Cran-Peary Bliss Ball after HIIT, which I will be getting more of – they’re so good! It’s so hard to find yummy protein balls as they are all usually have the same boring taste – until now.


I started off my day with a two-hour walk with my dog, before some beauty clients came over. I thought I’d treat myself to Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks – it was so delicious, like no other pre-prepared meals I’ve had before! My clients were all asking about Youfoodz too!


I find the best way to start off the weekend vibes is to smash out water aerobics, HIIT class, and a YouFoodz Lemon Thyme Pork... YASSS! I always get so excited for lunch now as I know the food is going to be amazing, but more so, what I’m going to try next!


Busy, busy, busy! Saturdays are so full on with work, as there are a lot of events on today, so I really needed that quick and easy meal. Today I treated myself to Nonna's Spaghetti Bolognese! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this! I also love the fact that I never feel hungry after; Youfoodz has the best portion size!


Ahhh gotta love Sundays! It’s rest day, as well as family day! Today I went to my sister’s house and caught up with the fam. I brought my Roast Lamb & 3 Veg with me so I didn't put stress on my sister for food. My family couldn't believe how good it smelled! I think I’ve easily converted my family to the Youfoodz way!

Stay tuned for Lauren’s next week on a plate!



  • so proud of you lauren!! keep inspiring others xx

  • This is a great thing you have done Lauren. Well done. We are all so proud of you

  • Go Lauren! You’re actually doing yourself the biggest favour for your future. You decided to make a change and you stuck to it…. and Youfoodz came to the rescue with healthy, TASTY options.

    I’m very impressed with your effort and I’m sure a lot of other people are too! You should be extremely proud of yourself!


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