@get_fit_lauren's Weight-Loss Journey, Part 4

@get_fit_lauren's Weight-Loss Journey, Part 4

When Lauren, aka @get_fit_lauren kicked off her four-week Youfoodz diary, she weighed 98.9kg and four weeks later, she’s down to 94.6kg! A huge achievement, but this dedicated goal digger is more focused on her end goal of 100kg total weight lost by New Year’s Eve (down from her original 175kg).

“I talk about it daily so I'm accountable and doing the best each day to smash that goal. Posting before and after photos helps, as does the support of my amazing social media following – their kind words are the motivation I need to always do better and show others how they can do anything they put their mind to!”

Lauren’s tips for starting a weight-loss journey

  1. Determine your goal weight and a timeline, as well as the reasons why you’re setting these goal (is it health or fitness related, or both?). However, you need to be realistic; you don’t want to be disappointed if you create an unreachable goal.
  2. Write out your meal and exercise plan weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – whatever keeps you accountable. My success comes down to an 80% food, 20% exercise focus. Remember, it’s ok to treat yourself every now and then!
  3. Set alarms for everything! Try to wake up the same time every day (it gets your body clock in order) and set timers for meals and exercise. Organisation is everything!


    I started my week off with an hour-long FBW (fat burner walk) to wake my body up. As it’s so cold here in Victoria, I had so many layers on to stay warm! My reward was a lovely Loaded Brekky Pie, a great – and warm – start to the week! Mondays also mean double water aerobics. I am definitely seeing improvements in my strength every week! I love to go bush walking and explore my back yard on the Mornington Peninsula, and I mix things up with water aerobics, home HIIT workouts, and sessions on my treadmill.

    My workout mix gets my whole body moving so I’m not focused on one particular part, which seems to be why I’m losing weight from all over my body.


    Tuesdays are for housework, so I pump up the music and get it done! I had Honey Mustard Chicken at 4pm for dinner, nice and early before water aerobics at 7pm. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

    Half an hour after I eat, I can have a drink. Having weight-loss surgery is a real mind game – you can't just eat anything when you to, it all has to be planned. I have a timer on my watch, so I know when I can have a drink. If I drink at the same time as I eat, my stomach gets blocked, sits funny and I bring it back up – it’s very uncomfortable. I have to time myself between when I can eat and drink (it’s usually 30 minutes) to make sure my food is digested properly because my stomach is so small now. 


    I didn't go to water aerobics this morning. Instead, I took my dog Chanel to the football oval for a run around. I love to be outside, and judging by the look on her face, she did too! I like to mix up my exercises, as long as I work out for an hour each day, I’m happy! A you know by now, Beef Lasagne is one of my favourites and a mid-week staple! 


    With a big weekend coming up, I tried to get all my workouts in during the week. I went on the treadmill as it was raining, yet I wanted to go for a walk. Even though my goal of losing a total of 100kg isn't until the end of the year, I’m so focused and don’t want to derail my plans or success. I’ve been in a rut before and it was so hard to get out of.

    I added in another water aerobics class today to really push myself. I actually did the workout in the deep end, so I had to work even harder to stay afloat! It’s little things like that each day that make a big difference! 

    As I burnt so many calories today, I felt like steak, so I had The Mac Daddy, which also comes with mac ‘n cheese, veg and Diane sauce – yum! 


    I smashed out my 9am water aerobics class and had Steak and Creamy Mushroom Sauce for lunch – so creamy and satisfying! 


    We had a family day at Winter Wonderlights – Sovereign Hill, a Christmas-themed day out near me. I packed my Youfoodz (Clean Roast Pork & Veg), and a local cafe was nice enough to heat up for me!

    I was telling the employee my story and she seemed very inspired, which at the end of the day is all that I hope for – to get at least one person headed in a better, healthier direction!

    At the day's end, I impressed myself by being able to lift my five-year-old niece on my shoulders so she could see the light show. I wouldn't have been able to do that 12 months ago!


    It was such a beautiful day, so my partner and I went for a drive. We ended up at Phillip Island. It was such a beautiful drive and good to let loose and relax! I had dinner while watching some of my fave shows; Sunday Roast Chicken with a special treat of the Mini Shiraz put an end to not only this amazing week, but my four-week blog series with Youfoodz! 

    Lauren's Youfoodz Faves

    1. Beef Lasagne! It’s always been one of my favourite meals and the Youfoodz version doesn’t disappoint.

    2. Coconut Protein Ball – it’s always so hard to find a tasty protein ball that’s not full of sugar, ‘til now!

    3. One in a Melon YouJuice! It’s got all my favourite fruit and veg (watermelon, apple strawberry, and beetroot) blended up!

    What's next for @get_fit_lauren? 

    After I hit a total of 100kg lost by New Year’s, my next goal is hitting a healthy BMI of 25. Following that, starting a family with my partner is on the cards. If I need plastic surgery to correct my loose skin, I’ll be waiting after I have kids to do that!

    Don’t miss a day of Lauren’s four-part food diary – check out Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3. We’ll be checking in with Lauren later in the year to see how she's progressing!

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