Celebrating our ballers: We're on a roll!

Celebrating our ballers: We're on a roll!

We love it when you grab our balls, Fam!

We've reached a huge fundraising milestone for It Takes Ballz, with $190,000 raised so far for our partner charities, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. We're still calling on the Aussie public to reach our goal of $1 million raised for cancer research! 

The It Takes Ballz charity campaign is still in high-gear, and this week, we're shining the spotlight on our other Fam members!

Here's just a small selection of some of our fave shots of our Charity Protein Ballz in action! We couldn't do it without you guys! 


Charity Protein Ballz make the perfect snack for hustlin', ticking off tasks, and smashing deadlines!  


 Life's all about balance; a tough Pilates sesh deserves a fudgey treat!


You heard it here: our balls really don't disappoint! 

💥It takes Ballz to take on cancer head on💥 - @youfoodz are teaming up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and the National Breast Cancer Foundation for a charity campaign to raise money for cancer research. Youfoodz is donating $1 from every ball sold in an effort to sell 1 million balls to go towards cancer research. 1 Million Balls = 13,000 hours of medical research 😮 - The @youfoodz Coconut Protein Balls are jam packed with dark choc, apricots, dates, sultanas & natural protein powder and are rolled in shredded coconut 🤤🤤🤤. These are a nice little added bonus to the new autumn menu. They really do not disappoint. - Use discount code YFFIT to get 2 free meals on your first order. - #DoYoufoodz #YoufoodzPartner

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Even little ones love our Charity Protein Balls


Life's sweet when you're doing good deeds!

Got ballz? Have I got your attention now? I thought so. I'm teaming up with @youfoodz to help spread the word on their epic charity campaign in partnership with the National Breast & Prostrate Cancer Foundations to raise 1 MILLION DOLLARS. So how are they going to do that? By donating $1 for every coconut protein ball bought through their store or online. I can attest how really good they are and the fact they are helping to raise money for cancer research makes it even sweeter. You can find more out at bit.ly/ittakesballz or click through on the link in profile. Happy ballz!! 😜 P.s Swipe left!! #youfoodzpartner #sponsoredpost #gotballz . . #foodphotographer #foodstylist #goldcoastfoodphotgrapher #brisbanefoodphotographer #feedfeed #foodflutter #thechalkboardeats #eattheworld #lifeandthyme #ofsimplethings #momentsofmine #mywhiteco #beautifulcuisines #betterhomesandgarden #sundaystylelove #taste #tastingtable #gatheredstyle #bloglovingfood #tastespotting #buzzfeast #morningslikethese #realsimple

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Yas! We love our workplace ballers!


Order online or buy our balls in store from thousands of stockists! 

Go get some ballz...rich, fudgey, chocolatey ballz! I’m so proud to be supporting @youfoodz #ittakesballz campaign to raise $1 million for cancer research. $1 from every ball sold will go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation & Prostate Cancer Foundation. How cool is that? Grab your ballz online or in store from places like IGA & Foodworks - if you’re after a full list of stockists head over to the @youfoodz website. Now what’s everyone up to this weekend? We’re heading down to Anglesea to check out how the beach house is progressing. They’re putting the roof on next week...so exciting. Then we’re having dinner at my girl @katskiski house - if you saw stories that’s why I had the hairbrained idea of cooking a lemon tart *after* Friday night drinks. It was touch and go there for a minute (forget to line the tart tin), but in true Masterchef pressure test style, I brought it home at the end #skillz 😜 Have a great day guys! #blissballs #chocolate #snack #proteinball #yougotballz

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The balls! The flowers! That outfit! Swoon. 


Throw away that boring trail mix: Nina knows the only reward for a mountain hike is one of our balls! 


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