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New Recipe: Gran’s Cottage Pie

We value your feedback here at YF HQ and that’s why we’ve listened to your tastebuds and created a NEW and IMPROVED Cottage Pie recipe!

Firstly, here’s what happened…

Gran’s Cottage Pie is a classic fave, but when you mix Gran with a few Sherries, she gets a little, shall we say, “relaxed” and heavy handed on the old salt shaker! With the addition of fresh feta on top, the salt levels got a little out of hand and we’re sorry for that.

Here’s what we’ve done…

We’ve pulled back on the salt and removed the feta from the recipe. Instead, you’ll find melted tasty cheese on the sweet potato top.

Please apologise to your tastebuds for us! We promise that next time Gran is in charge, she’ll be sippin' strictly tea only. We hope you enjoy the new recipe, we think you’ll love it!

Emma Costello
Emma Costello


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