The New Year is here so prepare yourself for the inspirational quotes, excessive amounts of activewear and multiple selfies on top of Aussie mountains with the caption “started from the bottom now we here”.

The first of January is an inspiring time for all of us, it’s around the third week of January that starts to get you down. There’s nothing more upsetting than knowing you’ve already failed your resolutions and you’re only a few weeks into the new year, regardless of how realistic your “goals” were to begin with.

But don’t fret, we here at Youfoodz have compiled our tips to carry that 'New Year New You' inspo through till at least February.



I know it seems like a good idea to set 452 resolutions that require you to become a completely new person in the space of 365 days, but what if you just improved things you were already doing...

For instance, you floss every couple of days but what if you were doing that every day?


Or what if instead of planning to do the washing on a Sunday, you actually followed through (that white t-shirt would actually be clean the next time you want to wear it!).


Or instead of aiming for two litres of water and only having two glasses, you get a 2L water bottle, fill it every morning and don’t go to bed until you’ve finished the whole thing. *Hint* Pace yourself or be incredibly uncomfortable whilst trying to fall asleep.


Find a friend to exercise with, if possible, a friend you're scared of. Choose someone who won’t take your incredibly creative excuses for bailing on morning workouts.


Instead of promising to keep your room clean and tidy, just promise yourself to make your bed every morning, we’ll tackle the floordrobe next month. 

Set up the rollover feature on the Youfoodz website, you’ll never miss order cut-off again!


We hope we have made your resolutions a little less daunting and a little more doable! Let us know what your 2017 resolutions are in the comments below.

And most importantly, Happy New Year fam!  

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