How to Rock Your Resolutions All Year Long

How to Rock Your Resolutions All Year Long
Jan 2: Salad and leg day. This is going great!
Jan 4: Ooh, doughnuts #TreatYoSelf
Jan 5: Well, I guess that’s over…


New Year’s Resolutions. The struggle is real. Whether you love or loathe ‘resolutions’, starting a new calendar year does stir up yearnings for self-improvement. It probably has something to do with all that Christmas puddin' #SorryNotSorry

We all make those little promises to ourselves: ‘This is the year I’m going learn how to bake soufflé / get my boating license / finish that nude self-portrait'.

By not giving your goals a red-hot go, you’re really only letting yourself down. Look, we’re not mad, we’re just disappointed.

Here are three easy ways to stick to your resolution, long after the glitter has settled.

Make your goals realistic 

Going from zero exercise to working out five times a week is not realistic. Same goes for your diet. Trying to cut the crap cold-turkey is going to turn you into a hangry monster. 

Ease yourself into it. Maybe it’s one or two workouts per week and healthy lunch for four workdays (don’t exclude yourself from the Friday team lunch. Don’t be that guy).

As a general rule, we humans don’t deal well with drastic lifestyle changes, so don’t set yourself up for failure by going too hard, too fast. 

Oh, and you don’t have to get rid of all vices for good! What’s life without a doughnut now and then? 


Get into a routine

‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. Cliché, maybe, but true? You betcha.

Literally the biggest trick to keeping your resolutions is to make them routine. Gym on Monday through Wednesday. Order Youfoodz on the App every Thursday night. Bam! You’re all set for success for the new working week. 

Your body will get used to it, and if you start to bail, people will call you out on it. And you should thank them for it. “Oh, did you order UberEats, Kathy…?” 

If your judgey coworkers won’t keep you accountable, who will? 

Don’t hate on yourself if you have to break the routine now and then. There’s no limit on how many times you can start over. This ain't a Broadway audition.

Celebrate the small wins

Too often we focus on that big ultimate goal; and if you happen to fall short, it can feel like you’ve totally failed.

When you think about what you DID achieve, though, it can be pretty damn impressive – even if you didn’t win the prize on the top shelf.

You should be making a big deal of those milestones. 1kg down? AMAZING! A whole week without takeaway? You’re a bloody LEGEND! 

The more you recognise and celebrate your wins, the more encouraged you’ll be to hit the next target. Go, you good things! We’re behind you all the way.



Need reso inspo? Check out some of the YF Team’s 2018 Resolutions

Caitie: Donate to a different charity every month

Ash: Shred for the wed three times a week

Jess: Plan a big Euro-trip

Crystal: Cook a new recipe every week

Maddy: Get home in time to walk the doggos

Ben: Read a new book every month

Chris: Switch off the TV two nights a week

Grace: Make time for more passion projects

Gav: Become a better public speaker

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