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Rest In Paradise Johann Ofner


Yesterday, Youfoodz lost one of our greats.


Johann Ofner was a dedicated father, loving partner, inspiring leader and friend to many. His life was cut short on Monday while doing what he loved, pursuing his passion for acting.    

An incredible athlete, stuntman and actor, with skill recognised by tens of thousands of followers, Johann was destined for greatness, that at least, was certain. 

We will remember him as a man we called Yogi, a spirited human being who continuously went the extra mile. Who put everyone else before him, with absolutely no exceptions. A generous soul who spent his life building up those around him so they might have the courage to chase their own dreams.

Most importantly, Johann had an incredible passion for life. At 28-years-old he was wise beyond his years. Through his lifestyle and apparel label, AMPM (Art of Motion: Pursuit of Movement) he inspired others to “apply movement potential to all aspects of life, in turn learning how best to take advantage of the body’s natural flow”. Leading by example he encouraged so many to live out their full potential, a legacy that will live on through all who knew him.

Johann leaves behind a young daughter and loving girlfriend who will, no doubt, continue to live out his legacy.

Today Yogi was scheduled to film some more campaign footage for us, a sad reminder of the friend we’ve all lost. As a final thank you to him for everything he’s done for Youfoodz and to someone who was well on his way to becoming a superstar, we are donating $10,000 to his daughter & girlfriend to support them through a time of unfathomable heartbreak. You too can show your support and donate through via Go Fund Me.


Rest in paradise Yogi, we love you and miss you dearly.


Lizzie Cramsie
Lizzie Cramsie


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