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"I discovered Youfoodz through my friend Nate. Like most people who prioritize nutrition, you tend to be very wary when you hear "ready-made" meal. Automatically, you are suspicious that it is heavily processed (!), and, most likely, tastes as good as the cardboard it's packaged in. You would never presume it could be fresh, nutritious, creative, and tasty. So, forgive me Youfoodz, for presuming, when I scrolled past your advertising on social media, that you were just another over-priced, fad diet.

I am a very keen marathon runner and gym junkie- I train six (if not seven) times a week, at a high intensity, for at least an hour. I learnt many years ago that NUTRITION is KEY! So, I've been very conscious of my diet, and have developed my macros according to my personal trainer's advice and my body's needs. 

Unfortunately, when you work shift work, are time sensitive, not a particularly great cook...your diet tends to become very bland (here is looking at you braised chicken and broccoli), and unvaried (sure, we spice things up with a bit of turkey from time-to-time). Whilst eating so clean and hitting your macros daily makes you exercise at an optimum level and maintain a great's also really boring (and depressing!), and you really hang out for your cheat meals. 

So, about three weeks ago, my extra fussy and equally conscious friend, Nate, started raving about Youfoodz. Piquing my interest, I checked out the website- read the nutrition panels (ah, hello?!), and, most surprising, the wholesome and very SHORT ingredient list. Here was a service that provides fresh, nutritious and TASTY food in good portion sizes. I tested it out by purchasing a meal from my local IGA...and I practically licked my plate- never, could I ever, make Jamaican Jerk Chicken. 

That evening, I ordered my first seven meals at an incredibly reasonable price WITH free delivery AND a voucher for one free meal as it was my first time. 

The food was delivered nice and early to my apartment by a lovely truck driver who rang our buzzer so we could collect it immediately without having to leave it to be stolen from the street. Every single meal that I have eaten looks exactly like what is advertised, and, for the life of me, I still can't fathom how they keep their broccoli so crisp! 

The Youfoodz team have answered many of my questions swiftly (and so friendly!) care of the "chat" on their website, which means you aren't waiting around for an email response 48 hours later, but speak to someone immediately. The website is easy to navigate, there is an extensive variety of meals to choose from (and appropriate for all dietary requirements), and the menu is constantly updating.

You have no idea how lovely and comforting it is to come home after a long day to the exciting prospect of dinner, or how enjoyable it is choosing what meal to have. For someone who enjoys food like myself, it's kinda thrilling to select your meals for the week, and you look forward to trying out so many tasty new options.

The meals themselves make it worthwhile to join (and they are always generous and fresh - I've never had one meal that had come up wanting!), BUT it's the impeccable and passionate service of every member of the Youfoodz team- from the head department to the delivery man- that makes this such a unique service. 

Youfoodz has revolutionized my enjoyment of my daily diet, and has contributed to the maintenance of my optimum state of nutrition and physical fitness. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation of your fantastic service...other than telling everyone I know about how wonderful it is (yes, Nate and I do take "selfies" with our dinners, and send them to each other!!!)."


- Anna Kirkpatrick, VIC

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