Sticks & Wombat’s curry is here to stay! #BlockYeah

Sticks & Wombat’s curry is here to stay! #BlockYeah

Good news Blockheads, vegans, or anyone who likes their curry in a hurry: after being trialled and tasted by our Fam last week, Sticks & Wombat’s Coconut Curry Bowl has found a place on the Youfoodz 2017 menu! #BlockYeah

ICYMI, we threw down a cooking challenge to this year’s contestants on The Block and ya boys Sticks & Wombat came up tops, winning guest judges Hughesy & Kate over with their campfire curry.

We sat down with the boys to get the scoop on their winning dish.


When Scotty announced the cooking competition, what were your first thoughts?

Sticks: I was cringing… 

Wombat: I was excited! I think a lot of people were cringing, because no one really cooks on The Block. We didn’t have a chance to cook; that was our first chance to actually cook something.

When they gave us a whole trailer-load of vegetables and told us it had to either be vegetarian or have fish in it, I thought ‘this is perfect for me!’

Sticks: Wombat got so excited when he opened the trailer up!


Filming with Sticks & Wombat


Are you a vego, Wombat?

Wombat: I eat a lot of vegetarian, so I guess the good thing about that is I know how to make a vegetarian meal taste alright – not just like boiled veggies!


Did you already have an idea of what you wanted to cook? 

Wombat: Straight away I thought: ‘I’m makin’ a pumpkin curry!’ I make it at home all the time. I knew that everything I needed would be in that trailer.


Was it a surprise when you won or did you think ‘nah, we got this’? 

Sticks: We had no idea we were going to get it! 

Wombat: We had to entertain two comedians, so it was really hard! We love to have a joke around, I guess we’re classed as the ‘funny guys’ on The Block so we just thought 'we’ll wing it', but they wouldn’t give us anything!

Sticks: It was like crickets! 

Wombat: When they said we won, I thought: obviously the meal was good.

Sticks: Or everyone else must have sucked!



Did you guys get to try any of the other meals? 

Wombat: Nah, but the judges had to try every meal as they went through.

Sticks: Hughesy ate every single meal!   

Wombat: Yeah, Hughesy went hard!


What about when it came time to serve the meal? I hear you guys had a bit of a hiccup?

Sticks: Yeah! We’d actually ripped out our lounge room so we didn’t have anywhere to serve it!

We decided because it was a challenge for Youfoodz, we’d serve it like it would come to us – The real ‘Block’ experience.

For us that meant heating the meals up, ripping the lids off, and sitting around the fire in the backyard, so that’s exactly what we did for the judges.


Do you think setting up that experience gave you some brownie points?

Sticks: Totally. Just the experience of eating outside on the construction site… They actually got an idea of what it was like to live ‘Block style’.


It’s been awesome to see the contestants eating Youfoodz on the show! How was it for you guys, having the meals there?

Wombat: It was great. We had no idea Youfoodz was a sponsor when we went onto the show, and I was pretty worried about what we were going to eat because I’m a bit picky. Once the first delivery arrived, we were pretty happy!

Sticks: I was like ‘where’s the meat!?’ 

Wombat: [laughs] yeah because I said we were both vego!

Sticks: Before the non-Vego ones arrived I was going around to the other houses raiding their fridges! Butter Chicken was a good one, and the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I was really impressed.

You’d be walking around seeing other contestants eating Youfoodz and you’d be like ‘Aww what are you having?!’ Everyone had their favourite!


It must have been a bit of a time saver too, especially with those challenges when you’re up until all hours painting and styling… 

Wombat: I eat three meals a day, but [on the show] you end up eating four or five because you’re still up at 12 o’clock at night and you know you’ve got longer to go.

I think the protein balls went pretty fast when they turned up!



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