Chop it like it's hot: Thai-style meal hacks

Chop it like it's hot: Thai-style meal hacks

From creamy curries spiced up with fragrant herbs and chilli to steaming bowls of soup broth and tender noodles, there are few cuisines more loved by Aussies than Thai food. However, you can throw away those takeaway menus; our Thai-inspired dishes are all you need for a cosy night in!

We love a good life hack around here – especially an edible one. Here’s how we’ll be heating up new menu items and old faves, with Thai-style meal hacks in celebration of the latest A World of Flavour destination!

youfoodz creamy chicken laksa

Creamy Chicken Laksa

A textural hit of crunchy bok choy, saucy coconut noodles, and sprinkle of peanuts will take your tastebuds straight to Phi Phi Island! Make these Creamy Chicken Laksa even more delicious by scattering over a fragrant helping of fresh coriander, spring onion, and crispy fried onions!

Feeling extra indulgent or want to impress some spesh? Serve with pan-fried prawns and a drizzle of sesame oil!  

youfoodz thai bbq pork noodles

Thai BBQ Pork Noodles

With hints of soy, ginger, and honey, these sweet, sticky, and smoky Thai BBQ Pork Noodles could well have been whipped up in a street-side wok! Amp up your greens intake by tossing through some blanched snow peas or snap peas. If it gets too hot in the kitchen, cool things down with a fresh and fruity pale ale beer!

Thai Chicken & Stir-Fry Veg

Lemongrass, cashews, and fresh mint is what takes this Thai Chicken & Stir-Fry Veg to new heights of deliciousness! That, and tips from Youfoodz Executive Chef Aaron:

“I’d serve the Clean Thai Mince in iceberg lettuce cups for a quick and easy san choy bow, or stir the mince and veg through some fresh noodles in a hot pan!”

Coconut Fish Curry

Medium in heat, but massive on flavour, our Coconut Fish Curry really belongs on the menu of a beachfront restaurant in Phuket! If your heat tolerance is more sweet chilli than Sriracha, cool this curry down with a drizzle of coconut cream and a cucumber salad on the side!

Satay Chicken

While our Satay Chicken is pretty perfect as it is with creamy peanut satay sauce, brown rice, and crisp green beans, we love throwing on some bean sprouts for extra crunch!

Glazed Tasmanian Salmon

Next to food, our other favourite ‘f’ word is fusion! An easy Thai-style meal hack for the Glazed Tasmanian Salmon is stirring fresh mint through the creamy mash, and topping the sticky-glazed salmon fillet with sliced red chilli, spring onion, and squeeze of lime juice!

The fire and tang will cut through the sweetness of the glaze, resulting in one Thai-riffic and well balanced fusion meal!

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