The Best Food Scenes on Screen

The Best Food Scenes on Screen

We’ve got a lot to thank Hollywood for: binge watching, Zac Efron, and the Kardashians, to name just a few. It’s not just over-the-top lifestyles and hotties, however. Film and TV has set the scene for some of the greatest food experiences that we likely all wish we could live out IRL. Dig out your old DVD collection (or streaming service, whatevs) and feast your eyes on these top food scenes on screen. 

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory


The classic film based on Roald Dahl’s book is a whimsical adventure into the sweet, sweet world of a raving madman. There’s no doubt OG candy man Willy Wonka was the root of countless childhood trips to the dentist. Who didn’t wish they could get their hands on a lolly that would last FOREVER, drink soda that made them fly, plaster their room in lickable wallpaper, and swim in a chocolate river?

What better introduction to his chocolate factory than running wild through an edible garden of giant gummy bear trees, sweet cream toadstools, and candy cane groves? Sweet dreams are made of this…



If your childhood dreams were spent shouting BANGARANG (no, not ‘cos of Skrillex) and wishing you were part of the Lost Boys, then Hook likely still gives you serious feelz. Not because of Tinkerbell’s cute setup, whimsical Neverland, or the hilarity of Robin Williams (sob), but the hectic insults slung between Rufio and Peter at the Lost Boys’ imaginary dinner.

(Is "You lewd, crude, rude, bag of pre-chewed food dude!" not one of the best movie quotes of all time?)

The food fight to end all food fights proved all you need to create a little magic in your life (and food on your plate) is a little imagination.

Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast’s ‘Be Our Guest’ musical number makes your regular mealtime seem like prison gruel. Rather than treating Belle like Beast’s prisoner, the inanimate kitchen staff insist on welcoming her to dinner, Broadway style, complete with dancing cutlery and crockery alongside French dishes like hot hors d’oeurvres, beef ragout, and cheese soufflé!

(Fun fact: The 'Be My Guest' scene from the live-action remake with Emma Watson took six months of planning, one year to shoot, and millions of dollars to make the four-minute scene.)

Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone


The Boy Who Lived could well be called the boy who ate very, very well when he started at Hogwarts. Who could forget the joy in Harry’s eyes when he walked into Hogwarts’ Great Hall? Sure, he was probably overjoyed to be escaping the Dursleys’ and mesmerised by the ghosts flying overhead, but it was probably most likely due to the spread that appears out of nowhere: roast meats, all the trimmings, dessert, and jugs of pumpkin juice!

The Godfather


The role that food played in The Godfather was as important as the organised crime, with a reference to Italian and Sicilian dishes in pretty much every scene of this Marlon Brando mafia classic.

There’s one moment in particular that inspired countless blogs and even a cookbook, when thugs Rocco and Clemenza take Paulie for a ‘scenic drive’ only to deliver a few gunshots to his dead, but not before fleeing with a box of Paulie’s wife’s famous baked treat. It’s Clemenza – improvised by the actor – who delivers perhaps the most famous lines of the film: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”



The Pixar film about a rat’s dreams of becoming a top chef lands him a friendship with a bus boy at a top French restaurant. Needless to say hilarity, hijinks, and mishaps abound. The pivotal scene is when Remy must prepare ratatouille for feared restaurant critic Anton Ego. No spoilers here: just trust us when we say you’ll want to get the tissues out!

Now, who's hungry? 

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