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Valentine's Day with Youfoodz

Youfoodz is your partner in all things Valentine’s Day. Here’s how we’ll make your February 14th (or any day) a little bit spesh...

  1. Grab our Mama’s Healthy Spag Bol and re-enact THAT scene from Lady and the Tramp. Don’t have a significant other? Your dog will probably excel at this particular activity.


  1. Teach yourself, or your other half, how to juggle using Youfoodz Protein Balls. When you get frustrated, you can just eat them.

P.S. if your significant other is Harry Styles, he’ll be the one teaching you.


  1. Write a romantic note to someone on their Youfoodz meal sleeve. Just like your mum used to do on your school lunch-box bananas…


  1. Stay hydrated with a YF water bottle, because self-love.

    1. Wake up two minutes earlier and make (microwave) your other half breakfast in bed. Literally only two minutes earlier, so achievable.


    1. Share your FREE Brownie you'll get this week with your order! (Or don't tell them it even came & hold onto that deep, dark secret forever. This one's on you.) 

    2.  Rollover their Youfoodz order so they don’t go hungry next week.


        Let us know how Youfoodz is making your Valentine’s Day special in the comments below!

        Lizzie Cramsie
        Lizzie Cramsie


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