Which YouJuice Are You?

Which YouJuice Are You?

Our cold-pressed YouJuice blends are juicier than the latest Bachelor In Paradise scandal. Each flavour has a distinct personality, just like you. So how do you match up? Read on for all the juicy details.

Awaken ... is for the Woke One (Obvs)

The mix of orange, apple, strawberry, carrot, and passionfruit juice in Awaken will add just the right amount of focus and energy to your so-very balanced life.

You’re the calm among the storm; the John Legend to Chrissy Teigen – super chill, with a subtler style of sass. You stay woke on global issues and current affairs, you’re not afraid to tell ‘em “boy (or girl), bye”, or call out a fake – news, designer duds, fitness fads, you name it – with the grace and charm of our fave royal, Meghan Markle.


One In A Melon ... is for the Trendsetter

One In A Melon is an 'unbeetable' blend of apple, watermelon, strawberry, beetroot, and mint to fuel a late-night online shopping sesh. Plus, its electric magenta hue will seriously pop next to your monochrome #OOTD look.

You were wearing millennial pink before it was a thing (omg, like so 2017); you can name all the Kardashian/Jenners in order of star sign; and you’re the go-to source of who’s wearing who and who’s, err, doing who. If the fashion and entertainment blogging doesn’t work out, you could easily moonlight as a private investigator with your polished Insta stalking research game.

Green Machine ... is for the Boss Babe

You run on full #BossMode whether you’re smashing HIIT class or work and life deadlines. You know what you want and how to get it. Time is money, and Green Machine offers the easiest way to get your hit of daily greens so you can #SlayAllDay. Or ya know, it’s like a drinkable salad to enjoy alongside a cheeky cheeseburger after a big night of networking. We won’t judge.

Black Magic ... is for the Globetrotter  

Black Magic’s blend of greens, apple, lemon, ginger, and activated charcoal is a vitamin bomb.com of nutrients that will keep you hydrated and nourished on the road and in the air.

Travel is your middle name and the world is your yoga mat. Life’s sweet when you’re teaching sun salutations on the beach and hitting the road to shoot dreamy pics in front of secluded waterfalls and sunflower fields. Nothing stands in the way of wellness and you can sniff out the closest vego cafe wherever you roam. You’re the ultimate #LifeGoal, one thumb-stopping travel ‘gram at a time.


The Real OJ ... is for the Millennial Mum

You’re the type who makes brunch your b*tch, with an Insta feed full of latte art, acai bowls and debt-crippling avo on toast to prove it. To be fair, you usually prefer your freshly-squeezed OJ in a mimosa, but when it’s too early, we’ll find you twisted up in aerial yoga sheets, knocking down the door of a Camilla warehouse sale, or running your side hustle at a cute local cafe – all with a cute bebs in tow. The Real OJ is the perfect way to kick-start your a.m. routine, with or without bubbles! 


  • Love your food.

    Jane Czabayski
  • So much to try and enjoy . Thank you .

    Rob Mckay
  • I have had a great meal thank you . it was the slow-cooked Lamb Shanks . i enjoyed it very much .
    Well dun . Thank You Again . Rob .


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