#YFREALTALK: Rianne Shares Her Youfoodz Weight-loss Journey

#YFREALTALK: Rianne Shares Her Youfoodz Weight-loss Journey

For this instalment of #YFRealTalk, Rianne opens up about a bumpy road of weight and health struggles that ultimately lead her to Youfoodz, and well on the way to reaching her #Goalz. Geddit gurl!


“I was sitting in a Westfield carpark crying into my steering wheel when I realised I needed help. 

It wasn’t soft, delicate sobs like you see in the movies. It was full-blown, Kim-Kardashian-crying-face crying.

I was a mess. I’d tried on a hundred outfits and was so SICK of wearing clothes that fit rather than the ones I wanted to wear! So yes, this journey started completely out of vanity, but it turned out to be much more than that.

I began a strict regime of gym four times a week and eating what I thought at the time was quite healthily. The weight not only stayed put, but I began putting ON weight!

If another person told me it was because I was putting on muscle from going to the gym, when in truth I had to lay on the ground and wiggle to get into my once perfect-fit jeans, I was going to go completely Britney Spears circa 2007.

I bit the bullet and took a trip the doctor. After a blood test, he told me a mixture of genetics and laziness had caused my body to become insulin resistant and that I would find it very hard to lose weight without medication.

Here’s the kicker though: not losing weight meant I would likely develop diabetes. I cannot even begin to tell you how scary it is to be told this at 27 years old.

Having found success with Weight Watchers in the past, I decided to jump back on board. The prospect of being allowed to eat whatever I liked as long as I stayed below my “points” was it for me.

As a self-professed sugar-holic, I was in! Fast forward two months to me, still the same weight even WITH medication. I went to my doctor and broke down in tears.

He advised me to eat high protein, low carb, and portion controlled meals. He looked at me with his stern doctor face and he gave me an ultimatum: “Either lose weight naturally or you will have to have surgery”.

Surgery!? Not happening. I walked out on a mission; I was NOT going to let this get the better of me.

Customised Meal Plans

Wiping tears away (again! Sense a theme here?), I decided I either needed to do the cooking myself, which meant getting up at 4am to cook bland chicken and broccoli in my already ridiculously time-poor day, or finding someone to do the cooking for me. 

I researched lite ‘n’ easy, but I really didn’t like the idea of pumping my body with over-processed and frozen foods. 

During an exasperated rant to my best friend about my troubles, I told her I’d seen an ad on Facebook for a company called Youfoodz that delivered breakfast, lunch, dinner, and claimed to be fresh – not frozen. I was sceptical it could be all that it claimed it to be: fresh, delicious, delivered, AND affordable!?  

Then she said the words that changed my life: “My boss eats Youfoodz and she’s lost 14 kilos.”

That day, my best friend (bless her cotton socks for being the most supportive person in the world) asked her boss to send me an email to tell me what she thought of Youfoodz.

It was her glowing review that pushed me to make my first order that night. I ordered a week of lunch and dinner (breakfast I just have yoghurt, muesli and fruit, as I’m not a fan of egg unless they’re in a cake, you feel me?).

The anticipation nearly killed me waiting for my delivery to arrive… or maybe it was my home cooking. After bugging the ever-so-patient Customer Care team about when my package would arrive, the glorious white box appeared! *Que heavenly harp music*

I ran home (not literally) to pop a Flamin’ Chicken in the microwave and test the first meal out. My boyfriend sensed there was an emotional shift in the house when he walked in and I was ravenously eating out of the container.

I could not eat it fast enough. It was delicious! He looked at me with raised eyebrows and said, “So, Youfoodz is good then, is it?” I lifted the empty container up to show him and threw it in the bin with the biggest grin on my face. The grin has not left since.

I have been eating Youfoodz every weekday, lunch and dinner, for three weeks, taking my medication, and walking almost every day with my supportive parents.

I stood on the scales this morning, dreading it, repeating “just prepare for the worst” over and over in my head. I looked down and thought “that can’t be right – six kilograms in three weeks?”

Not possible! I stepped off, reset, and hopped back on. I repeated this (no word of a lie) four times and every time I got the same answer: six kilos. Three weeks. I was gob-smacked. 

The words “changed my life” don’t seem enough to encapsulate the feeling Youfoodz has given me. It has given me hope, self-esteem, and a spark back to my life that I was desperately trying to rekindle.

With the help of Youfoodz and the deliciously fresh, calorie- and portioned-controlled meals that get delivered weekly, I am back on the road to reclaiming my life and my body.

I’m trying to reverse this insulin resistance condition that I have. Only time will tell, but for now I am down a dress size with a long way to go.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Youfoodz.”



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  • Is it possible to show before and after of the weight-loss meal plan I need inspiration


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