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How To Share The Love. Always.


We all know Valentine’s Day tends to roll in before we’ve even realised it’s February, so we're here to give you some tips on how to spend the day of love on whichever day you choose. Whether you’re single­­, coupled, not sure or in denial, this list has something for you. 

  1. Drive in Cinema. Chuck pillows and blankets into the back of the ute and head to your nearest drive in. Popular belief is that this is most enjoyable for couples but I would argue there is nothing greater than a group of lads or ladies bypassing romance for action films on said cupid day. 


  1. Picnic in the park. Grab ya lover or literally anyone else and pack a basket fit for the gods. We recommend taking Youfoodz meals because who wants to prepare food while fighting off the certain invasion by ants, birds and at least 101 other Australian killers. You can always start off with a cheeseboard.


  1. Host an I hate Valentine’s Day party. These are always best enjoyed with a piñata (in the shape of a heart or maybe with a photo of someone on it… whatever you need, this is your therapy session). Please note, this activity is probably not for anyone coupled, unless you’re strongly opposed to V Day (join our club).


  1. Lock yourself in a room and pretend it’s a regular day. This one works particularly well if you aren’t rostered on to work the 14th, don’t look at your phone though, it’s real hard to change the date on that thing.


  1. Pick a restaurant you’d like to be taken to and make a reservation. Go on your own, take your favourite book, order something super fancy, pair it with a super snazzy glass of wine and enjoy your own company.



  1. Treat yourself. This should come with a *depending on your level of self-control clause…Go and treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for a while. Just maybe not a house, boat or a new pair of Gucci loafers.


  1. Binge watch a series. Grab a pal or a significant other (just maybe not someone else’s) and power through those episodes like you don’t have a job to go to the next day.


You're welcome. 

Lizzie Cramsie
Lizzie Cramsie


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