One of our fave Youfoodz fam members, Zarah, has shared her amazing testimonial with us! Don't take our word for it, get inspired and read below how her life has changed in the last few months.
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How did you find out about youfoodz and why did you decide to place your first order?

I used to work at a stockist in Brisbane city, and I used to eat Youfoodz on the days I didn't bring my lunch, and I've been hooked ever since. I used to buy at least 6-8 meals a week as my life is pretty crazy at the best of times.

What are the three main benefits you have noticed since regularly eating Youfoodz?

Less binging on bad foods through out the day. I am less stressed and have "ME" more time after work , instead of having to prep meals for the next day.
I have a better routine and Youfoodz help me work towards my weight loss and health goals.

Do you feel Youfoodz has changed your relationship with food?

Yes. I never had a bad relationship with food but the portion sizes are a lot better compared to what I was eating. I would either eat not enough or too much depending on how much time I had through the day to eat.

How do you feel Youfoodz influenced positive lifestyle changes for you?

I already live a pretty healthy and happy lifestyle but it definitely defeats the stress for this time poor girl thats for sure!

What has pleased you the most about Youfoodz?

The meals are actually yummy! I haven't found one that I don't like yet (and I'm not just saying that). AND you even get a reminder msg to place your orders incase you forget. Youfoodz really does tick all the boxes!

Would you recommend Youfoodz to friends or family?

100%. I'm on a mission to convert all of my clients!
It really is the way of the future

- Davina Rankin

We received this very amazing feedback from an anonymous customer who just recently joined the Youfoodz family, we pride ourselves in our customer service so we really appreciate feedback from our Youfoodz family.



Hi, I wish to leave myself anonymous because I think my name does not impact my feedback like my story does.

I have been through many frozen food companies just looking for that reassurance I need to get back on track with healthier eating. I suffered from obesity for a long time and have slowly changed my lifestyle. When I discovered Youfoodz, I knew my life would get better.

I spoke with a lovely woman named Chris, who was so welcoming & thoroughly explained everything to me, I felt like I had been accepted into a warm family. I work in customer service for Telstra and really recognise the exceptional ones. So, thank you to Chris for being the bright guiding light into my journey with Youfoodz.

I am really excited to see how much my life will change by incorporating fresh foods prepared well. Thank you.


- D.

I heard about Youfoodz last week through an Instagram post.  I work a full time job, a part time job and part time study.  My shortest day of the week is 14 hours and I have a couple of 17 hour days thrown in there for good measure.  Needless to say, I don't have much time or energy for cooking when I finally make it home at the end of the day.  That therefore leads to drive-throughs and take-away's and spending waaaaay too much money on dinners than I should be.  So when I saw youfoodz, it registered in my brain how perfect meals like this would be for my lifestyle.  So I done some research.  I shopped around, compared similar companies and services and looked at all my different options.  Due to a your incredibly professional and attractive website, your very reasonable and competitive meal prices, your huge variety and great nutritional value, the fact that your meals are never frozen, your free deliveries and your no lock in contracts, I decided to give you guys a go (a no-brainer really). 

After placing my order, and receiving a free meal (Thank you!), I was thinking "this is all too good to be true" and was just WAITING for something to be of fault (how skeptical of me right? But unfortunately there always has to be a catch with something these days it seems).  But it looks like I'll be waiting forever because the food is AMAZING and I am just completely blown away by this whole experience!  It makes my life SO easy, it's affordable and its just PERFECT! 

My part time job is as a Personal Trainer at Boot Camps Australia, and I will be letting every single one of my clients know how amazing this service is. I will also be adding your services to my speech at the end of every class session I take.  My full time job is at Australia's largest privately owned Recruitment Company and I have already sent out an email to all of our staff in your delivery regions absolutely singing your praises.  And goes without saying I'll be plastering it all over Instagram and Facebook.

I'm just absolutely blown away by everything and beyond impressed.

So thank you - I will do everything I can to get everyone I know on the youfoodz bandwagon!

-Zoe Knight.

Youfoodz Testimonial - Jeff Gill

"I was diagnosed as a diabetic in April 2013 (62  years of age) after a visit to my doctor to find out why I was lacking energy. My initial readings were 12.9 after fasting.

At my initial consultation with a Specialist Diabetic nurse at my Doctors Diabetic clinic I was given the advice to do all of the following:

1:  Modify my eating habits to minimise my Carb intake to around a max of 40 grams per meal and snack regularly

2:  Reduce my BMI from 27.4 (83KG) to 20 (70KG) (my weight when I was 21)

3:  Walk every day and if possible start going to the Gym to help in the weight reduction process

4:  Start taking blood pressure tablets to bring down my high blood pressure until the above was working naturally.

5: Take Metformin tablets immediately (2 x 500g) in the evening

My wife was already a member of the Goodlife Gym at Cleveland and I registered there with her personal trainer in July.

Prior to this she was shopping at IGA Cleveland and noticed a new fresh refrigerated product that was Youfoodz with a low carb count and high protein. I brought some meals home to try.

It was an instant hit! The food was great the portions ample and as the food was low in carbohydrates it was a perfect fit for my dietary needs.

I had looked at  the Lite & Easy menus and they were all above my carb limit so it was not an option.

I elected not to take and Blood pressure medication and preferred to have it come back to normal naturally with the above regime.

My initial stationary blood pressure was 170/95 L. At my next medical check-up in August I had dropped my weight to 78 KG and my blood sugar was still high at 10.9 and my blood pressure was still high at 160/85.

I also then visited a Chinese Herbalist and acupuncturist and took her herbal concoctions 3 times a week to help stimulate the pancreas to output a higher quality insulin.

With my daily walking schedule and Youfoodz based diet and the ramping up of my training schedule I started to see a significant drop in my daily blood sugar readings and my trainer had also set my blood pressure target to be normal by last Christmas.

So it was a great surprise that my fasting blood level at my next medical check-up in November was down to 6.4 (pre diabetic levels) and furthermore my blood pressure had dropped to 120/75 and my weight had dropped to 72 KG.

At this point I dropped my Metformin tablet to one per evening but kept all the other options in play.

In May this year after the  12 months regime my fasting blood sugar levels were now down to 6.1 my blood pressure was 118/65 weight 70KG and my fitness levels had gone through the roof.

I am currently working on getting to the point of no medication and using Youfoodz meals to maintain my dietary needs which is now a permanent part of my life.

My wife and I are very busy in our Business life so the convenience of home delivery is very important.

Diabetes is a complex disease and while it cannot really be cured it can be maintained as I have done and as you can see it needs a complete health regime to achieve the above results.

You must have a correct nutritional low carb Diet, I achieved this with Youfoodz. Plenty of daily exercise. Plus in my case a little help with western medicine and a great help with the Chinese Herbal regime.

Looking to the future Youfoodz makes it easy to stick to my dietary requirements and with the new menu items every fortnight I never get bored.

Youfoodz has been an integral part of fighting my diabetes and is now an integral part of containing it. "

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