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Have you been enjoying yourself a little too much lately? Fed up with the lack of healthy meal options? A regular in the drive-thru line? A Youfoodz clean food delivery is the answer!

Youfoodz clean meals are carefully portioned, coming in at under 325 calories per meal and under 155 calories per snack. But a clean life doesn’t have to be a boring one. We’ve packed more flavour, freshness, and nutrients into every gram of our clean meals.

The clean Youfoodz range

With dishes like Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni, vegetarian pasta smothered in creamy mushroom sauce, and Glazed Tasmanian Salmon, sweet and sticky Atlantic fish with a side of homemade mash potato and crisp green beans, you’ll always have a lunch or dinner to look forward to. Food isn’t just fuel, it’s a reason to celebrate, no matter the time or day. Plus, we’re always changing up our menu to keep mealtimes fresh, new, and exciting!

Portion control made easy

When it comes to weight loss and portion control, our controlled serving sizes keep the calorie count down overall, so you can trust we’re better for your health, lifestyle goals, and tastebuds!

The best part? You can get all our clean meals delivered straight to your door every week. Without the shopping and meal prep that usually comes with the clean life, you can spend more time doing all the things you love. And if you’re in the mood to share or forgotten to order one of your favourites, there are more than 3,000 Youfoodz stockists Australia wide.

Living, eating, and feelin’ so fresh and so clean has never been so easy or convenient!
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