Protein Balls

20-Pack Coconut Protein Ballz
$28.95 $59.80
165 Calories Cal
10.2 Protein (g) P (g)
17.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.7 Fat (g) F (g)
5-pack Coconut Protein Ballz
$7.48 $14.95
165 Calories Cal
10.2 Protein (g) P (g)
17.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.7 Fat (g) F (g)
Coconut Protein Ball
$1.50 $2.99
165 Calories Cal
10.2 Protein (g) P (g)
17.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.7 Fat (g) F (g)
Honeycomb Protein Ball - Single Pack
$1.50 $2.99
175 Calories Cal
8.7 Protein (g) P (g)
18.5 Carbs (g) C (g)
7.4 Fat (g) F (g)
Gingernutz Protein Ball
$1.50 $2.99
172 Calories Cal
9.2 Protein (g) P (g)
16.4 Carbs (g) C (g)
7.6 Fat (g) F (g)
Peanut Butter Protein Balls - 2 Pack
$2.48 $4.95
164 Calories Cal
10.6 Protein (g) P (g)
17.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.4 Fat (g) F (g)
Turkish Delight Protein Balls - 2 Pack
$2.48 $4.95
162 Calories Cal
9.4 Protein (g) P (g)
20.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
4.8 Fat (g) F (g)
Hazelnut Protein Ball - 1 Pack
$1.50 $2.99
202 Calories Cal
12.2 Protein (g) P (g)
18.7 Carbs (g) C (g)
9.7 Fat (g) F (g)

Protein Balls

Youfoodz protein balls are the perfect on-the-go snack for any occasion. They’ll keep cravings at bay, fuel you between meals, and two-pack serves create a great excuse to chat to that cutie after your gym class.

Healthy Whey Protein Balls

These Fam faves are made from high-quality, real ingredients, including dried fruit, nuts, coconut, and velvety chocolate. The star of the show, however, is our clean and lean whey protein that’ll turn that dreaded 3pm slump into power hour. Plus, every Youfoodz protein ball is rolled by hand because we’re all about that personal touch.

We can’t pick favourites around here, and you’ll be hard pressed too as well with the flavours on offer. You better ‘bee-lieve’ we’ve got tastes to satisfy every craving, from honeycomb and hazelnut to peanut butter and Turkish delight.

Not sure when to pop one into your lunch box? It’s always protein power hour somewhere, but we recommend keeping a few protein balls handy when:
  • Your boss says ‘just one more thing’ at 5pm and you’re still in the office two hours later
  • You finish your workout and don’t get home in time before your tummy starts rumblin’
  • The kids’ footy coach talked your ear off for an hour longer than expected and you still haven’t made dinner
  • It’s late at night and there’s nothing that’s going to satisfy you – except a chocolate fix!

Go on, grab our protein balls.
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