Protein Bars & Snacks

Choc Protein Brownie
$2.48 $4.95
204 Calories Cal
15.0 Protein (g) P (g)
16.8 Carbs (g) C (g)
8.1 Fat (g) F (g)
Choc Peanut Supastar Bites
$2.48 $4.95
164 Calories Cal
10.0 Protein (g) P (g)
11.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
8.7 Fat (g) F (g)
Choc-Mint Protein Slice
$2.48 $4.95
201 Calories Cal
10.9 Protein (g) P (g)
25.7 Carbs (g) C (g)
6.3 Fat (g) F (g)
Youtella Protein Cookies
Sold out
161 Calories Cal
5.2 Protein (g) P (g)
13.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
9.8 Fat (g) F (g)
Coconut Paradise Protein Bar
$2.48 $4.95
324 Calories Cal
20.7 Protein (g) P (g)
17.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
17.7 Fat (g) F (g)
Maple Protein Almonds
$2.48 $4.95
176 Calories Cal
6.7 Protein (g) P (g)
1.7 Carbs (g) C (g)
15.5 Fat (g) F (g)
Choc Protein Doughnut
$2.48 $4.95
244 Calories Cal
24.6 Protein (g) P (g)
27.9 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.4 Fat (g) F (g)
Mango Yoghurt with Protein Granola
$2.48 $4.95
339 Calories Cal
16 Protein (g) P (g)
29.9 Carbs (g) C (g)
17.3 Fat (g) F (g)
Dunk'd Cookies & Cream Protein Bites
$2.48 $4.95
184 Calories Cal
8.1 Protein (g) P (g)
18.6 Carbs (g) C (g)
8.6 Fat (g) F (g)
Youfoodz Chocolate Protein Powder (600g)
110 Calories Cal
21.4 Protein (g) P (g)
1.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
2.1 Fat (g) F (g)
Youfoodz Vanilla Protein Powder (600g)
109 Calories Cal
21.2 Protein (g) P (g)
1.9 Carbs (g) C (g)
1.8 Fat (g) F (g)
Blueberry Yoghurt with Protein Granola
$2.48 $4.95
389 Calories Cal
14.7 Protein (g) P (g)
28.4 Carbs (g) C (g)
16.5 Fat (g) F (g)
Honeycomb Protein Ball - Single Pack
$1.50 $2.99
175 Calories Cal
8.7 Protein (g) P (g)
18.5 Carbs (g) C (g)
7.4 Fat (g) F (g)
5-pack Coconut Protein Ball
$6.97 $14.95
165 Calories Cal
10.2 Protein (g) P (g)
17.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.7 Fat (g) F (g)
20-Pack Coconut Protein Ballz
$25.48 $50.95
165 Calories Cal
10.2 Protein (g) P (g)
17.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.7 Fat (g) F (g)
Gingernutz Protein Ball
$1.50 $2.99
172 Calories Cal
9.2 Protein (g) P (g)
16.4 Carbs (g) C (g)
7.6 Fat (g) F (g)
Hazelnut Protein Ball - Single Pack
$1.50 $2.99
202 Calories Cal
12.2 Protein (g) P (g)
18.7 Carbs (g) C (g)
9.7 Fat (g) F (g)
Peanut Butter Protein Ball - Single Pack
$1.50 $2.99
164 Calories Cal
10.6 Protein (g) P (g)
17.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
5.4 Fat (g) F (g)


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. We believe chocolate should be a part of any balanced diet, which is we’re making snacktime great again with our range of healthy protein snacks.

Made by hand and served with love, Youfoodz protein snacks are choc-ful of real ingredients, including superfood stars goji berries, sunflower seeds, and nuts. The not-so secret ingredient? Natural whey protein, a supercharged addition shown to help your body recover from exercise faster, keep you fuller for longer, improve bone health, and assist in reducing inflammation. Oh, and it’s obviously delicious too!

Bars, bites & more!

There are so many ways to get your protein hit, and our Snack Chefs have the ‘tough’ task of dreaming up ways to tantalise, tempt, and treat the Fam. The range is inspired by classic family faves and nods to nostalgic treats, but with a healthier Youfoodz spin, complete with a punch of flavour.

Enjoy your whey protein in a chewy Youtella Protein Cookie, best served with a cuppa for dunking. Or why not devour a protein cream-filled deliciously doughy Choc Protein Doughnut? If you’re feeling tropical, the Coconut Paradise Protein Bar will transport you to your favourite island destination – just add fruity cocktail for the full effect!

Anytime is nice for a slice, especially our Choc-Mint Protein Slice – more than just an after-dinner mint. It’s not about all chocolate though. Our snack range extends to deliciously dreamy, creamy Youfoodz yoghurt with nutty granola, as well as savoury snacks, like our ever-popular Broc Stars. These dried broccoli chips are V8 Supercars champ Jamie Whincup’s fave YF snack, btw.

Order online to stock up your pantry with our range of healthy protein bars and snacks or get your Youfoodz fix at your local stockist!
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