Vegetarian Meals

The Block Winning Curry
396 Calories Cal
8.0 Protein (g) P (g)
45.0 Carbs (g) C (g)
20.5 Fat (g) F (g)
Healthy Spring Lasagne
319 Calories Cal
15.3 Protein (g) P (g)
22.0 Carbs (g) C (g)
18.9 Fat (g) F (g)
Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni
267 Calories Cal
20.0 Protein (g) P (g)
15.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
15.4 Fat (g) F (g)
Hearty Lentil Bolognese
323 Calories Cal
12.5 Protein (g) P (g)
47.0 Carbs (g) C (g)
9.3 Fat (g) F (g)
Stacked Quesadilla
451 Calories Cal
14.0 Protein (g) P (g)
49.0 Carbs (g) C (g)
22.2 Fat (g) F (g)
Tropical Protein Pancakes
370 Calories Cal
21.8 Protein (g) P (g)
40.5 Carbs (g) C (g)
11.4 Fat (g) F (g)
Loaded Brekky Pie
325 Calories Cal
7.0 Protein (g) P (g)
41.0 Carbs (g) C (g)
14.5 Fat (g) F (g)
Mango Yoghurt with Protein Granola
$2.48 $4.95
339 Calories Cal
16 Protein (g) P (g)
29.9 Carbs (g) C (g)
17.3 Fat (g) F (g)
Blueberry Yoghurt with Protein Granola
$2.48 $4.95
389 Calories Cal
14.7 Protein (g) P (g)
28.4 Carbs (g) C (g)
16.5 Fat (g) F (g)
Veg Sticks 'N' Dip
$2.48 $4.95
186 Calories Cal
4.2 Protein (g) P (g)
8.2 Carbs (g) C (g)
15.1 Fat (g) F (g)
Gone Nuts Snack Pack
$2.48 $4.95
143 Calories Cal
5.4 Protein (g) P (g)
7.3 Carbs (g) C (g)
10.3 Fat (g) F (g)
Choc Protein Brownie
$2.48 $4.95
204 Calories Cal
15.0 Protein (g) P (g)
16.8 Carbs (g) C (g)
8.1 Fat (g) F (g)
Raspberry & Macadamia Protein Blondie
$2.48 $4.95
204 Calories Cal
12.2 Protein (g) P (g)
14.1 Carbs (g) C (g)
9.9 Fat (g) F (g)

Vegetarian meal delivery

Where are all our herbivores at? Youfoodz goes vego with a tasty and nutritious meat-free menu.

Vege-fy your life with macronutrient balanced, vegetarian meals that will keep your hunger and tastebuds satisfied for longer.

We like to keep the chefs busy, so we’re constantly changing and adding to our vegetarian meals, combing every corner of the world in search of the latest vegetarian food trends, ingredients, and cooking methods.

Our chefs have spent hours in the kitchen dreaming up ways to wow the palates of vegetarians looking for more than just ‘rabbit’ food. We pack as much flavour as we can into every perfectly portioned meat-free dish.

We don’t hide the veg either. They’re the headline act of dishes like Creamy Mushroom Cannelloni and Healthy Spring Lasagne. Need to spice up your lunchtimes or weeknights? Try our tastebud-tantalising Hearty Lentil Bolognese and Stacked Quesadilla, rich with protein and spices.

Vegetarian meals tailored to your goals and lifestyle

Our vegetarian range includes clean dishes under 325 calories for the health-conscious crowd, balanced meals between 326 and 425 calories for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as relaxed meals under 550 calories – perfect for cheat days. Our controlled serving sizes keep the calorie count down overall, so you can trust we’re better for your health, lifestyle goals, and tastebuds!

Our vegetarian range extends across every meal occasion, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and protein-rich snacks, proving just ‘hummus’ we love you.

Forget wandering around the supermarket aisles and trawling websites looking for vegetarian meal inspiration; keep your vegetarian diet new and exciting with fresh vegetarian meals delivered straight to your door! Now that’s one less thing to worry about.
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