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Balinese Chicken & Cashew Noodles

Close your eyes and imagine you’re beachside amongst Bali's shady palms, with a fresh coconut in one hand and our new Balinese Chicken & Cashew Noodles in the other…bliss!

Our chefs have created their very own Bali-inspired noodle dish that’s perf for summer lunchies and dins! Think glassy rice noodles coated in a light sweet chilli sesame oil dressing and tossed with green bean batons and fresh spring onion. We’ve paired this with the goods of lean chicken mince that’s packed the flavours of fresh coriander, a hint of curry, tumeric and cashews!

 This meal is Gluten Free! This meal is Dairy Free! Ready to eat in less than 2 mins!

  • Serving Suggestion: For an extra special treat, heat in a wok & add some grilled prawns & top with fresh chilli for extra bite!
  • Rice Noodles (43%), Balinese Chicken Mince (28%), Green beans, Green Cabbage, Cashews (15%), Curry Powder, Coriander, Shallots, Turmeric, Sesame Oil, Vegetable Oil, Gluten Free Soy Sauce. Contains: Soy, Cashews & Sesame.

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