Escobar’s Enchilada

Ola Amigos, Escobar’s Enchilada is one to die for. We’ve smuggled this bad boy straight from Mexico and it’s loaded with the gooood stuff!

We’ve got spicy (but not too spicy) pork mince, partnered with all your faves - rice, spring onions, capsicum and carrot. We’ve rolled this beauty tight and spooned over some rich tomato sauce and sprinted with tasty cheese. For an extra kick, we’ve added a sneaky sachet of southwest sauce.

Crisp your enchilada up on a tray in the oven and serve your sauce on the side. Just keep it on the down low fam, we all could go away for a long time if a secret this good got out.

Ready to eat in less than 2 mins! 

  • Pulled pork, brown rice, tortilla, cheese, carrot, roasted capsicum, coriander, YF southwest sauce. Contains: Wheat, egg, soy & milk.

  • Serving Suggestion: Crisp up your tortilla in the sandwich press and serve with guac and sour cream.

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Category: Mexican, Pork

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