Healthy Tuna Cake & Kale Pesto Broccoli

If we were living in Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob, our new Healthy Tuna Cake & Kale Pesto Broccoli would definitely trump the Krabby Patty. 

Ain’t no need to steal our secret recipe, 'cause we’ve made these bad boys for ya! We’ve blended together tuna with fresh coriander, ginger, coconut, lemon, lime and soft fluffy potato then baked them to perfection! If ya feeling a little saucy, we’ve also paired it with a tasty sweet chilli & sun dried tomato mayo for that extra lil bit of yumminess. Trust us when we say you’ve never tasted broc this good #RealTalk. We’ve sautéed lightly blanched broccoli with our very own kale pesto sauce for that extra hit of essential green vitamins!

Enjoy this gluten free gem as is or warmed up! #TastesErrmahzingg

This meal is Gluten Free! Or you can enjoy reheated for 2 mins!

  • YF Serving Suggestion: Pan fry the tuna cakes for a crispy outer crust. 
  • Tuna Cake (44%) (Tuna 27%, Potato, Cream, Butter, Ginger, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Coriander, Coconut, Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Salt, Pepper), Broccoli (38%), Water, Mayonnaise, Kale Pesto (2.5%) (Kale (30%), Spinach, Pine Nuts, Tahini, Garlic, Chilli, Salt Pepper), Semi Dried Tomato, Sweet Chilli Sauce. Contains: Eggs, Fish, Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts & Sesame Seeds

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Category: Fish, Gluten Free

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