Satay Tenders with Green Chilli Risoni

Introducing a flavour combo to blow your tastebuds away...please welcome our Satay Tenders with Green Chilli Risoni.

It’s the classic, mild peanutty chicken we all know and love, with a YF twist (of course). We’ve paired these juicy bad boys with a dreamy green risoni (fancy rice shaped pasta) that will have you coming back scoop after scoop (believe us, it’s addictive!). This meal packs the perfect punch with chilli infused oil, fresh pesto and little pops of sweet peas throughout. #ItsABanger

The best part about this flavour sensation is that it’s perfect enjoyed fresh or warm! Add this winner to your cart this week and give your tastebuds a treat!

 You can enjoy this meal fresh out of the fridge! Or you can enjoy reheated for 2 mins!

  • Chicken tenderloins, risoni, satay sauce, green pea, green pesto. Contains: Wheat, milk, peanuts, soy, tree nuts and sesame seeds.

  • YF Serving Suggestion: Squeeze over some fresh lime & add a sprinkle of fresh coriander.

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Category: Chicken

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