Sticky Teriyaki Beef with Stir Fry

The best kinda sticky you’ll ever want is our Sticky Teriyaki Beef with Stir Fry!

Think tender slices of beef fillet dressed in a light, housemade, sweet-sticky teriyaki sauce, dusted with toasted sesame seeds! And to keep things clean and lean to help you smash those goals, we’ve included a seasonal mix of nutrient rich veg. We’re talking crisp green beans, broccoli, carrot and capsicum... cause #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen.

Add this one to cart for a healthy, tasty, feel-good meal perf for any day of the week!

This meal is Dairy Free! Ready to eat in less than 2 mins!

  • Beef fillet, broccoli, carrot, green beans, garlic, sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce, toasted sesame seeds. Contains: soy beans & sesame seeds.

  • YF Serving Suggestion: Try tossing this in the fry pan for 2 minutes to reheat with some fresh chilli!

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Category: Beef, Dairy Free

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